2006.08.17 "London fencing day 2"
Finally another fencing-lesson. Today I got to fence with a new guy who trained for 3 years. It felt great!! He's maybe only around 14 but wow!! There's also rumours about some other young boy who fenced for half his life already (6-7 years)! They're better & shorter than me so it's really good practise!!! Sadly we don't have many foil-fencers in this club. They're mainly doing Epee! For those who don't know, Foil target is torso while the Epee target is the WHOLE body. Also there are no such rule as "Right of Way", it's simply the one who hits the firsts that get points. I do like Foil better though 'cause it's more to it. ;) Next week the trainers go to Hungary so we don't get our next lesson until the weekend after... can't wait!!!