2006.09.16 "Stockholm day 4"
Hellos! Today me, Jinn, sis & vic and my dear friends Johan, Peder and Jiro got together for some serious beer-drinking! ;) We also got to listen to Peders new music in the making! (great!! ^0^) I had sooo much fun! THANKS FOR A LOVELY EVENING!! One thing that bothers me though is that I have to show ID on a lot of occasions... and!! I actually got asked two out of two times if I'm under or over 20 in the subway, buying tickets!!! Hell, I should've said I was under 20 and get a 50% discount! Today when we passed McD at Hotorget I got a huge hug from the cute lil duckie-character they got! I'm 100% positive it's a man inside though! ...or a girl with extreme power!