2006.11.01 "Freshly squeezed! Again!"

Don't know what happend with last month... again...
If it continues in this speed it will be X-mas in no time! X-mas this year will be spent in SWEDEN!!!! It must be like 5 years since last time... NYE will most likely be spent in Stockholm too. Any ideas ppl? Anyways, I'll be adding some diary entries from last month these upcoming few days so take a peek at that if you got time. I will also be uploading some new wallpaper and such asap. Too busy with stuff right now... A lot of new goodies and good news!! *excited* Oh and I went to Paris this past weekend for work! More about that too soon. Amazing how you can just go less than 3 hours with EuroStar from London to Paris. Tooooo convinient to be true!! ;9