2006.11.03 "Potential Stalker? Stop coming here!"

Someone from my husband's University's residential hall is accessing my page like 4 times a week now. Late at night and the weekdays that my guy doesn't have class!! This person even started GOOGLE'ing us on "Jinn and Bea" although knowing the URLs! The first visit (the same night Jinn introduced me as his wife in class) was almost 4 hours long, mainly going through ALL my diaries from the 2005.01.01 until today!!! If someone else watches my page that long I don't freakout like this but this is Jinn's classmate doing it in secret!!! What's wrong with saying "hey I saw your wife's page the other day, it was nice!" or whatever!? Not saying anything being in the same classroom 3 days a week?! Makes me sick...