2006.11.09 "Got the boots today!! Perfect!"

My Boots arrived today and they are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I'm soooo in love with these darlings I kept them I'll probably end up sleeping with them on! What's less gorgeous is the fact that the person delivering these WAS THE MAILMAN WHO KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK SOME MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!! He's like "Oooh so we meet again!" Me: "eheheh... Where do I sign?", "right here" and he starts commenting on my pink glitter nailpolish!?! Asking if I paid 30 pounds for that or what?, I reply with "Nope!" and try to escape this situation asap. He actually tried to approach me again!! But I put out my hand which hopefully gave him a hint that I'm never letting him kiss me again! Eeeeew!!!!!!! >0<