2007.04.05 "Zelda Game & Watch!"

People who know me also knows that I haven't been wearing a wrist watch for over 10 years or more... That changed today! ^0^ I found myself a watch I can't live without! (almost at least...) This vintage Zelda Game&Watch! AND IT'S PIIIIIIINK!!!!!!!!! THe game is difficult as hell but you gotta luv it, and it also has an alarm function so I can be on time! *hehe* The main reasons I haven't wore a watch in a great while is because my wrists are way too skinny. It looks bad really on me! ;( But this one is kiddy-size so it fits perfect! Oh, and I got a new exciting job to talk about asap! It involves Kumako and cute stuff!! *super-excited* Wish me luck!!!