2007.05.01 "Busy Bee & Kate Moss goodies!"

Sooo busy lately! I'm so excited to tell you all the news but I think it have to wait a little longer. Kate Moss and TOPSHOP launched their new collection which me and Jinny*darling went to see this morning! Sooo cool! A lot of nice goodies and I picked out my fave 3! A print T-shirt which had a big "K" on it, (K for Kate of course but I'll wear it as K for Kumako), a pair of jeans hot pants (pic) and a mini-dress which is totally London and totally Kate! Really nice! So happy for these three! Also wanted the Pansy dress but it was sold out already... at 9 AM! The cool thing about arriving in the morning was that you were served breakfast!!!! Viva TOPSHOP!