05.01.31 Monday

Last day/night of this Stockholm-trip! Started off working some hours on my laptop, went to visit a relative, had a small meeting with Kim at gallery Artmakers, went for souvenir shopping, then dinner with Angel-I, went home to edit the last stuff for the February update, then to Debaser to have a drink with my sis and her boyfriend and finished the night at another bar called PEPPAR! They still had their tacky X-MAS decoration up!! Luv it! =9 Glitter and Santas all over! Couldn't get any better! *hahaha* bye bye*hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.30 Sunday

Me and my partner in crime, Monika, at a cafe in Gamla Stan. We've both been super-busy since last summer, but our secret project is finally starting to take form! The actual making of it will start somewhere around next week. *mecha-excited*
Tomorrow is my last day in Stockholm for this trip and I still haven't had time to do everything I was planning to, but I will be back in March so... ;) More info coming soon!

huggies / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.29 Saturday

Finally a day with NO scheduled events what so ever = Bea slept all morning. Later that day me and my sis celebrated this day with a nice dinner + cookie-dough ice cream! (Like 3000 calories or what?! *kwe*) We stayed at her boyfriend's house and watched a really crazy show called High-Chaparall on DVD. The shows was aired on Swedish television and season 3 is currently on! I am totally addicted to the series now! ^0^ For those who haven't seen it yet, check it out! =9
Happi*hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.28 Friday

Weehoo! =) Today me and Angel-I had our mini class-trip together with two other friends from the Japanese class at Stockholm University. We played a lasergame, ate at a really nice (REAL) Sushi restaurant and did loads of other wacko stuff before we ended the night at the local karaoke bar! I am used to sing in boxes with close friends but this time it was with an audience of at least 60 peeps! 0___o;;; Nervous inside, but I was told I did great so I guess my pride is still intact! *hehe*
Tralala / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.27 Thursday

Meetings went great and I have visited the awesome gathering place for young creators here in Stockholm called LAVA today. They are currently renovating the whole place but I was granted permission to go take a sneak-peek! The most pleasant surprise is that LAVA will have new features such as screen-printing & animation!! They have also made the place twice as big as before, with exhibition space and even a mini-cinema theatre! The new LAVA opens on March 15th! Hope tp see you there! huggles / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.26 Wednesday

*yay* Got my hair done today! The color is darker and more redish now! Soooo happy my roots doesn't show anymore. ^^; I feel like new thanks to my sis, who's now in training at Toni&Guy! *happi* Straight after finishing my hair we went to see my sister's boyfriend's band "CAPTAIN MURPHY" at O-baren in Stockholm. Awesome show as always! SOMEONE PUT THEM ON A STAGE IN TOKYO!!! NOW!!! =) Tomorrow is a big day with business meetings in the morning and then a preview at LAVA!
daddy can dance! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.22 Saturday

Today I was invited to Angel-I for a video-night sleep*over with vanilla*vodka based coctails as company! =9 There is also a fire-place at her home which was a perfect add to the winter-cold night! Angel-I has been living in Japan for several years too so we had a lil nostalgic moment browsing all the photo & purikura albums! Gonna miss her when I go back! =/ Also, today's my dear Moni-Angel's B-day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONIKAAAAAAAAAAAA! ^0^)/
vanilla*hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.18 Tuesday

Hiiiiii! Back in Sweden! It's freeeeeezing cold! *0*) Before I left Tokyo I spent a day buying souvenirs and late x-mas pressies. I even ended up giving myself a present! ;) It's the one on the pic! A TV-remote control shaped exactly as a vintage FAMICOM CONTROLLER!!! Yup I'm hopeless when it comes to old Nintendo and related stuff! *hehe*

Today's my sweet auntie's B-day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! ^0^)/
Happi*hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.16 Sunday

Happy Birthday to me! =9 *hehe*
Yesterday we had B-DAY & kumako.se OPEN Celebrations going on! =) For good fortune I was presented a necklace with an authentic Bear claw attached to it!! *wow* THANK YOU!!!!! It's an Indian one which explains why there is a snake, turqois and coral attached to it. Just as I received this, I also got a really uplifting e-mail from Sweden! (Work related) Can't wait to go back there and hear all the details! Only one more day to go! =9 *excited* Happi*hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.14 Friday

hmmm, I was supposed to be a good bear yesterday and go home with the last train but that was not really the case. I ended up having the time of my life! All night! *haha* First, me and my friends went to the MOD'S HAIR "red rules" party, then the HOT ROD event at Super Deluxe, see pic. All the guests was told to bring something to put on the walls in this club! =) Someone even brought real mushrooms and stuck them to the wall! *hehe*
*mwah mwah* / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.11 Tuesday

Today I'm really happy though cause things are starting to take shape and I am still bubbling with ideas. o^0^o ...so stay put! Last weekend I made the mistake seeing Alien vs. Predetor! geeees! *hahaha*  I should've turned in the door when I realized only 8 peeps was seated in the cinema! (isn't that sign enough?) The illumination at Roppongi Hills was nice though and I really luv Bourgeois' big spider statue they put right in the middle of everything! =9
Until next time! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.05 Wednesday

Helluuuuuuuuu! =9 Today when I got back to the office from the vacation I found some gifts and cards on my desk! Sweet! =3 The thing I got most uki*uki about was a silver be@rbrick mascot sent from Mako at Medicom Toys! =D THANK YOU Mako!! ^0^ I didn`t know where to put it, cause if I attach it to all my straps on my cell*phone it will only get lost, so I put it on the zipper of my kumako*hoodie! Mouse-over the pic to see the result! *hehe*
happi*hugs/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.04 Tuesday

Thanks for all the hits and all the warming feedback the past few days! *happi*
Uploaded 2 new pics! Click the photo to your left to go to the Kumako gallery section! You`ll find the sketches there too under doodles. =9
Umm...It`s 4:08 am here now...
...and I am just too excited to go to sleep! =3

/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.01.01 Saturday

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kumako.se is finally OPEN!!! ^0^)/
Hope ya like! =9 I'd also like to thank Makoto for helping me with some CGI-scripts!
The pic to the left was taken last night when we celebrated New Year's Eve! *hehe*
(left >> Marie, Isabelle, me, Isabelle*mama)

Have a cute day and see you soon again!

new year *huggies
/ K u m a k o .oOo.