05.02.27 Sunday

Back in Stockholm! Minus 6 degrees and a slight snowstorm?! hmm... feels like I went back in time or something... Anyways, it's great to be back even though it means A LOT of work. =) For those who don't know, I am taking care of 12 websites + this one. My Kumako exhibition starts March 5th and I have a two other projects to take care of whenever I got some spare time. The pic to the left is taken from the plane window after the Tokyo takeoff. Just like cotton candy fluff. num num... =9 hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.02.23 Wednesday

Today was the first day of spring here in Tokyo!!! +18C!!! ...and it's snowing in Sweden... I'm leaving on Saturday. For those who don't know the Kumako exhibition starts on March 6th! VIP-night on the 5th. =9 Kyaaaaaaaaa.... there is so much to prepare before the trip! I haven't had time to cook, so there has been a whole lot of micro food lately... yuk! Luckily I do have a Kitty-oven that plays me a cute melody when it's done. It's the small things that makes me happy! ^__^ Happi-hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.02.14 Wednesday

*Weeeee* Today I learned how to code sites for the Japanese mobile phone net! =) It was totally different from html but still it wasn't even half as hard as I thought it would be! In case you have a docomo phone and do read Japanese, access the kumako site by entering this address: http://fhp.jp/kumako/ (Of course the site DOES work in a normal browser but with the URL above it looks crappy! *haha* PC users can take a look HERE) I made it as a temporary substitute for this site. Enjoy! =9 docomo-hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.02.14 Monday

Just a quick scribble...

Got chocos? I was happily suprised today when I received a cute box of teddy chocolate, (THANK YOU ZANNA!! ^0^) 'cause in Japan Valentine's day is usually the day GIRLS gives boys choco, and on March 14th ("White Day") the BOYS return the gift! =) *lucky*

Going back to work! =9 Have a cute day!
xoxoxo / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.02.13 Sunday

Sorry about my absence! ^^; I'm piled with work and I'll have a featured Kumako-exhibition starting March 6th (in Stockholm), so I've been totally blind when it comes to stuff besides illustrating the 12 piccies I will display. There are also some other offers that I am lookin into right now. *excited* Sadly, I got some bad news too... I went to the chiropractor yesterday and was told my spine is NOT as it should! Gonna seek proffesional help asap! myaaa... ;0;
beddy bye*hugs
/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.02.05 Saturday

Been out for lunch and a stroll with Isabelle today. The weather is totally amazing here in Tokyo!!! 10+ and sunshine!!! 0,o; What a pleasant surprise!!! Back home now and will stay here to make sure I finish two pics or more! The deadline for a certain project is coming up! =9 I do have a jetlag from hell to battle so... wish me luck! Last night I was so out of it that I brushed my teeth with face wash!!! They're both in tubes but still...

/ K u m a k o .oOo.