05.03.30 Wednesday

yikes... guess who's tired... ^^;; Way too much work lately... (Thank god I luv my job!)
The new Kumako layout is all done now, and I'll upload it on April 1st. I also added some wallpapers and stuff for you to download so stay tuned. ;) Loads to come! *uhi*
Besides this, I'd also like to tell you that I finished the new site for Japanese Top Model Ai Tominaga!! It's up and running now. click!

busy*bee mode / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.26 Saturday

Yessss. ^0^ I'm in a good mood and this really reflects in my working-speed. ;9 If I keep up this way I will be able to upload the new version of kumako.se on April 1st, so keep those eyes peeled! =)
My BGM today has been Ciara's CD "Goodies". I bought it yesterday, just 'cause I like this one track with Missy Elliott in it, and I actually ended up liking a lot of tracks on it. After this diary entry is uploaded I will go buy myself some cute energy = strawberry pocky. *yum*
ichi-go go go! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.25 Friday

Today I opened the site I've been working on lately (at the office). It's the official website of Japanese super model Ai Tominaga! Finally I got it up and running! ^o^v My next (private) project is remodeling THIS site!! I got the layout in my head and I hope I can make it until April 1st! (wishful thinking perhaps but it's worth a try) When I took the train back to my house I got ticket number 666!!!! Hope to get lucky sometime soon then. *hehehe*
/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.24 Thursday

First day back at the office! Didn't even go to sleep last night 'cause I got stuck with a deadline... Anyways, got myself a new perfume to cheer me up. I picked it mainly because I fell in luv with the bottle! *hehe* I'm planning to reuse it later. It even has a little strap-thing with heart-shaped crystal cherrie*berries! Just got off the phone with my baby*sis, who's down with the worst kind of flu ever!! High fever and a nasty caugh... =( *sending her healing rainbow beams all the way from Tokyo* ^0^)/ ~* mwah! / Kumako

05.03.23 Wednesday

Back in Tokyo now! The morning before the flight, was spent with Angel-I, getting refreshments at Nordic Light, Stockholm. A month in Sweden made all my good-byes mushy*wushy today! ;_; The flying conditions were great , all clear and no turbulence, but sadly I didn't get a minute of sleep. Too much on my mind right now... so I killed time by watching movies... Nothing to recommend this time... The person sitting next to me watched "The Incredibles" 3 times in a row!!! o_O;; sleepy... / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.21 Monday

The worst possible thing happened!!! (...considering my hard work schedule at least...) My computer got infected with some new nasty virus, which left me no choice but to kill my disk (see pic) and reinstall everything! Xox;;;;;; Now I'm sitting here with a clean disk trying to catch up on stuff... Thanks to Deus Deceptor for all your patience and help!
Today will be spent packing and preparing for the trip back to Tokyo. Can't belive how fast 3 weeks+ went...
meooooooooow... / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.16 Wednesday

Been to Toni&Guy today, getting me a cut. It might not look that different in the pic but a lot of unwanted volume was taken out and there are many shorter layers and bangs now. I think they got rid of all the split-ends too! *happiii* Big thank you goes to Juliette and Andre! *^0^* I luv it! ^-^v
Ooooh, Right now I am battling the final preparations for my next exhibition in Malmo! (start April 23rd) Can't wait to do the video-message-thingie for it in Tokyo! See you there! meow meow / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.15 Tuesday

Finally LAVA reopened!!! ...and me and Angel-I had the honour to attend the press conferencce and celebrations held earlier today. They really did a great job on the reform! You can create almost anything there now!!! As an opening exhibition, they are now having lost & found stuff attached to the walls! My fave was of course this lil fellow to the left! Poor thing! ~x~; Make sure you go visit the new LAVA in case you're in Stockholm!
teddy-hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.12 Saturday

Back from the concert of "Bondage Fairies". Finally I got to see them live!!!! The helmets looks great! *impressed* They also had a beeeeyootiful BF-tee that I'm gonna have to get! =9 Ok, just a few things to do now before bed. I'm working on a certain website, and watching a documentary about one of my childhood heroes, George Lucas! =D (Doesn't he look just like an ewok??! ...or is it just me ^0^;;) It also seems that he stopped ageing. Did he nab som rainbow milk from Kumako...? helmet-hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.11 Friday

Me and sis got invited to the general rehearsal for "Melodifestivalen 2005" (finals before the Eurovision Song Contest) so we went. =) We got great seats (as you can see on the pic to the left) so it was a real nice experience! ...except for the fact that you still don't know who will win! -0-;;; Tomorrow, when the final are held, I will go see a friend's band (Bondage Fairies) so I'll miss it! Got a little nostalgic remembering being a kid, (battling the late hours) watching the show each year on TV. confetti-hugs / Kumako

05.03.09 Wednesday

Back from a rough night with cinnamon, sugar + rock n' roll! *hehe* There will be a special cooking section added to kumako.se in a near future, and last night I had Captain Murphy in the kitchen! Victor (guitar) & Fruttas (drums). Thank you for a lovely night! Thankies also to my dear sweet sister who snapped us! Captain Murphy will play at "FESTIVAL 035" in Halmstad this Saturday so make sure to go see them if you're in the area! Check CM 's official HP for more info!
/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.08 Tuesday

*yay* afrooooo! =)))
Yesterday I spent many many hours in front of the computer working, and my mom spent even more doing my hair. *hehe* how do you like it? Touching it makes me wanna eat cotton candy! =9 (mouse over the image to the left to see a "before" pic taken last night) Thankies to mom!
Ok, gotta go! Tonight me + 3 will bake yummy cinnamon rolls! *excited* ^0^v

cinnamon*afro-hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.06 Sunday
Today was a day spent in pajamas. My Totoro-pajamas! ^0^v GOOD NEWS! A new exhibition is booked in April and the Kumako game preparations are under control. *weeehooo* Last night was just super! =D Opening night for my Kumako exhibition at Artmakers, followed by promo-shooting at Coian's studio, and ended with celebrations at Olsson's Video and then Berns! =) See some photos > here < taken before my battery died 'round 00:00, which was waaaay too early! :/ *poo*
jama-hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.03 Thursday

Pic taken the first morning at the window in our new place! Outside there's a beautiful winter day... (Gotta luv icicles! =9) ...beautiful as long as I dun have to leave the house. ^0-v Soooo cosy inside. Outside is probably minus 8 or so. *bleh* =p Sadly I do have a couple of errands to run now in the morning, but not until I had my apple-cinnamon tea. *<>* Ooooh, tonight will be a blast, with party + a nice concert! ...and tomorrow I'll have a Kumako-game meeting with my partner in crime, MoniMoni! teddy-hugs / K u m a k o

05.03.02 Wednesday

Hellos! =)

Me and my cutie sister moved in to our new place today. The pic shows us messing around in the bathroom. ^0^v The new apartment is huge... not at all like the place I got in Tokyo.
I just love the big kitchen!! We're gonna make cookies and yummy stuff there asap! Really exciting to repaint the walls too. *^0^* Much work, a lot of fun. Check back later for more news.
Bai-nyaa / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.03.01 Tuesday

Woke up, took a look out of the window and spotted 3 men dealing with the snow on the roof on the opposite side of the street! It totally freaked me out! (/0<) Today's the first day of the month so there is a couple of updates on this page! =9 Only a few more days before the exhibition starts! ^-^ *excited* Oh, and I might add that the photos taken during my stay in Sweden are snapped with my Sanyo XACTI digital cammy and NOT with the one on my Japanese cell phone! ^-^ happi-hugs / K u m a k o