05.04.30 Saturday

Just got back from yet another concert with the lovely*cute YMCK! ^0^v This time the concert was held in Harajuku and I finally remembered to bring the home-made honey I promised Miss Midori! =9 Now I'm sitting here fiddling with the last updates due May 1st, eating strawberry pocky... (There goes my diet *hehe*) wooooh! The Tokyo-weather is getting better and better; you can walk around in a T-shirt without feeling a weeny bit cold! =) Gotta get back to work now. =9
pocky pocky pocky! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.29 Friday

Saw "Constantine" today and liked it a lot. =) Very entertaining! Funny to see Peter Stormare playing "a certain role" in this movie! ;) Dun worry, No spoilers here, but I have to say that Tilda Swinton playing Gabriel was just too cool. =) BTW, they're having this really neato exhibition at Roppongi Hills right now, which consists of huge bear-statues. Every country has its own "bear" painted by a native artist. These 2 goldies in the pic are special ones though... Or should I say 3? ;) triple*bear*hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.28 Thursday

Last day before Golden Week! *yay* Finally some days off. =9 Today's pic shows an X-ray of a British man with 6 fingers on each hand! After this mini-documentary, they brought this HUGE pink balloon into the studio just to have it explode (...in someone's face). There was also an electric shock test on the guests... Boy! They sure have some strange programs during prime time on Japanese telly... Gotta luv it! ^0^)/
/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.26 Tuesday

Me and Claire having lunch at that nice tofu-place. =9 *yummm* Been eating way to much candy and choco lately, (ok more that usual ^x^;) so I started this healthy food-plan for this week and Golden Week! *hehe*
When I woke up this morning I found that 875 ppl had visit kumako.se during my 6 hour sleep! *overwhelmed* I also found out why! The article written for Metro - Skane, was published in Metro STOCKHOLM yesterday! Nice surprise! ^v^)/ Read me (p.22)
happii*hugs / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.25 Monday

I saw that the visitor-hits for kumako.se was getting closer to 10.000 (!), so today I went straight home after work and doodled the little Kumako, which is now displayed on the entrance-page (and to your left)! It's 10:10 p.m. now and today's hits has passed 400!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! ^0^)/ *berri berri happii*
Keep on visiting! This is just the beginning. =9

honey*bear*hugs ^*^
/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.23 Saturday

Head hurts... but I survived the Hamasaki Ayumi concert so I shouldn't complaint. ;) I'm sure that if you're a huge fan this would be the ideal concert. Fire, water, glitter, fake snow and dancers floating in the air to name a few things. In the end they had this talk show and showed embarrassing snaps of this lil lady... pretty weird thing to do, yes. One thing I did like though was the huge Marie-Antoinette inspired dress she wore in the beginning, and the french palace set + balcony. Very nice!
time to relax / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.22 Friday

Oh no... The article in Metro I talked about yesterday turned into a minor nightmare! They credit the character "Sailor Moon" with my name... and it isn't even Sailor Moon on the picture, it is my Kumako-character "dressed up" like her. I did write and tell the publisher they made a mistake but what's done is done. Other than that it was a nice lil article. ^x^; Online version >> (page 15) *Recharges with a Royal Jelly super-genki health drink*
Pink*sugar*heart*attack? ^0^)/
/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.21 Thursday
Went to see the movie "Sideways" today. It had everything you could possible dream of, to say the least, and I almost laughed my head off a couple of times! =)) Except for this, my new laptop was delivered(!!!) and I also had a 1-hour-telephone-interview with Metro, a Swedish newspaper. The interview will be published tomorrow already, since the exhibition is on Saturday. Keep those eyes peeled. =9

happi! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.19 Tuesday
Me and my friend Claire had dinner in Shibuya today, and the pic to the left shows what you see when you try to make your way to the station in the evening-rush! -0-;;;; Mouse-over the pic to see the whole crowd. (Yes, there's an ocean of ppl in the back and EVERYBODY wants to catch the train the same time...) I might add this is NOT the "last train" for the day or anything. This is "normal" and that's probably the thing I dislike most about Tokyo. Too crowded... The morning-rush too... ^^;; faito faito! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.16 Saturday
Today's BBQ / hanami was sadly cancelled because it was supposed to start raining in the afternoon, but me and a friend didn't feel like staying inside just because of this, so we made ourselves a mini-picnic! Shopping, purikura, izakaya and a visit at Meiji Shrine. We also went to Swedish photographer Martin Adolfsson's vernissage in Shibuya, and it all ended with an all-nite karaoke session.*hehe* 11 ppl in a room fit for 6...! ^^; This is Japan on a Saturday night! Yup Yup!
"Sakurairo mau koro..." / K u m a k o

mouse over
05.04.15 Friday
Gawd!! On the train home there suddenly was this very familiar sound... it sounded EXACTLY like the little noise Yoda makes, a mumbling one as if he has something stuck in his throat! I didn't dare to look back to see the face of this "yoda" though; it would probably just ruin my little Star Wars illusion! Can't wait to see the last piece of the saga! =D When I got back to my flat I got my pink iPod delivered! =9 It's the 30th anniversary Bearbrick & Hello Kitty collaboration iPod. ^0^ *Mouse over pic*
grrrowl! =9 / K u m a k o

05.04.14 Thursday

Just got back from the Destiny's Child concert! Sure, I'm not their biggest fan or anything but I respect them. (No darn playback or anything here, nope nope! ;D) Big parts of this almost 2 hour show was dedicated to Beyonce and the tracks on her solo album, which I do like! (BTW, Is she really 21...?) The seats we had were pretty nice. The only problem was that I was standing next to a die hard fan who was going berserk, and her radioactive-pink glow stick almost popped my eyes out on way too many occations! +_+ meow! / K u m a k o

05.04.13 Wednesday

Today I got a package from my soul*sis in the states! Just like in the good ol' days!! Instead of just sending letters, we send eachother these packages with a letter + anything cute; candy, make-up, kandy*jewelry. (I'll never grow up...) As a bonus we also send disposable cameras! Then we take photos of things we see in our daily life and send it back, for the "other half" to develope, and tada--* =9 THANK YOU AM*SIS!! You'll get your package asap! =9 Just have to snap those piccies first. i LUV kandi! / K u m a k o

05.04.12 Tuesday

Oooooh! I just love this new lunch restaurant I found a few blocks from where I work! It's a place where they specialize themselves on healthy TOFU dishes. I usually have their vegetarian daily special. =9 The staff are really sweet and it's a peaceful, non-smoking environment! *yesss*(Usually you can smoke ANYWHERE in Tokyo; sometimes even in elevators it seems...)! After I have my lunch I usually try to relax for about 10-15 minutes, scribbling away. ^0^
Have a cute day! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.11 Monday

Back at work...
I just found out my new laptop will be delivered on April 22nd, so you can expect a lot of updates after that weekend.
Yesterday I spontainiously ended up singing karaoke, for several hours I might add..., with two friends from Sweden. Later on, the room-mate of one of the guys showed up and we got a big party-room to play in. *haha* Very nice Sunday. yes. =9 I only wish Angel-I could have been here too! ^*^
Sleepy! / K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.10 Sunday

Went to the 5 year's anniversary party at WOMB, my favorite club here in Tokyo. It's 6 a.m. in the morning now and I just got back to my apartment. A little tired, yes... If you wonder why this site isn't updated that frequently lately, here's the answer: my laptop, desktop and the cammy on my mobile phone are all BROKEN, and in a span of 4 days...
Can't I just wake up and this will all be a bad dream...?
/ K u m a k o .oOo.

05.04.04 Monday

Got my hair color fixed in the morning in Yukari-chan's new salon, had dinner with YMCK in the evening at J-pop cafe and finished it all with shooting the video-message for the exhibition in Malmo (Opens April 23rd). I just luv YMCK, and Midori was as sweet as ever! Thank you for the cool key-chain and Good Luck with the next album's recording! I gotta tell you that the video is something I'm really looking forward to!! Parts of it was shot inside a purikura box with me wearing a Hello Kitty costume! *haha* meow! / K u m a k o

05.04.01 Friday

*phew* I made it! ^0^)/
This site was remodeled and uploaded according to my schedule. Hope you like this new layout! =9 There are a lot of new things and even more to come so I hope to see you around! ;)

I'm going to bed now! *zZZzzZzzzzz...*
Enjoy your stay! xo

freshly-sqeezed / K u m a k o .oOo.