05.05.29 Sunday
Took a loooong walk today, but made a stop in Shinjuku where there were a lot of street performers in action! (Usually is on Sundays). The one who was drawing the most attention was the guy in the pic here! You can't really tell, but there were tons of people all around him. Just like a 1-man-mini-circus! *hehe* Dangerous lil fella!
Booked a ticket to Guam today. I'm gonna go see Star Wars ep 3 (combinated mini-vacay).
*over excited* ^0^)/
happi*huggles / K u m a k o

05.05.27 Friday
Saw the movie CLOSER today and totally lost myself into it. It's amazing how a cast with only a total of 4 actors makes the whole movie run smooth. This is a "must see"! (Is it still running outside Japan?? we tend to be VERY slow over here....) =D BTW, the poster to the left is actually not a poster but a traditional painting! There is this theatre in Shinjuku that only use painted versions of the regular movie-posters! Some of them are REALLY nice, some are not... ^^;;;;
"Hello stranger..." / K u m a k o

05.05.24 Tuesday
It's been a super*beautiful and warm day today, but 5 minutes before I'm supposed to leave the office the sky falls down!!!! o,O;;; Now I'm back home soaking wet! bleh! Took a quick stop at a convinience store near my house where I found a new flavor of "Qoo". This character is just adorable, and it brings back memories from the time at Nihon University (I drank "Qoo orange" every single day -0-;;). This one is Honey Lemon! Check out video-clips and more at the Qoo page >>
qoooo! >w< / K u m a k o

05.05.23 Monday

Been on skype with my dear MoniMoni tonight. (Kumako-game meeting ;D) *hehe* We're both really busy, but try our best to get the game done, up and running a.s.a.p.! Hopefully this summer. The left pic shows my current display. What you can't see on this pic is the little bunny-head in the upper left corner, that shows how much battery I've got. Both ears up = full power, one ear down = still ok, both ears down and eyes shut = recharge, NOW!! ^_-v I am sooo weak for thees lil things! =D
/ K u m a k o

05.05.21 Saturday

Saw "Kingdom of Heaven" today. I liked Gladiator better, but KoH is still a very good movie! Nice photography, music and convincing actors, (although I felt a bit akward watching Orlando Bloom, since I know this certain thing involving him. yuk...) 'nuff said! Before the movie, we went to this attraction site in Shinagawa. Some rides and a "water world" with rare fishes, some sharks, penquins and dolphins!! But the rarest fish in there was a guy (regular visitor) with a huge NEMO-hat... (Mouse over the pic) splish splash / Kumako

05.05.20 Friday

New phone! (Made a REAL bargain this time!!!) Normally this one is over 20.000 yen, BUT I got it for only 2400!!! (about US$20!!) This baby (F700i "Pink Gold") has video telephone, mp4-file ring-signal option + you can connect it to iTunes, store music on the phone's SD card, plug in earphones and voila - you got yourself a telly*pod! Also, except for usual e-mails, I'll soon be able to send & receive regular SMS all over the world, + I choose a fixed fee plan to get unlimited access too. ;)
beep beep!
*^-^) / Kumako

05.05.19 Thursday

As you already know, today is the world premiere of Star Wars Episode III, the last piece to complete this (to me very nostalgic) saga. BUT! Here in Japan, we have to wait until the 9TH OF JULY to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o_O### is this a really bad joke or what?? Korea & China also voices-over movies from the west but they still opens today so WHYYYYY?????, Japan, WHY???? >x<#!!! 全然納得できないんだヨォー!!!!! ちゃんと説明シローって感じ!I just might have to go abroad for the weekend or next... ^x^; MTFBWY! / Kumako

05.05.18 Wednesday

I was somewhat relieved when I saw that not only me got keen on trying that "Mental Balance Choclate"! ;) *hehe* It's nearly sold out everywhere! The TV-commercial is running like crazy too... Today at the office I've been renewing and updating the website for Ai Tominaga. We got a pretty nice present give-aways this month so if you live in Japan you might wanna check it out! ;) Tomorrow I will hopefully finish our company's website! Finally got the text & image material to work with... Bea*bear*hug / Kumako

05.05.17 Tuesday

Now we have an excuse to stuff ourselves with choco in Tokyo. ;) "For YOU, fighting the stressful society" says the punch line... 'course I had to buy it today after work. ^^; Speaking of which, the weather is great = I walk all the way home from the office. (1 hour) ...anything to avoid the packed evening trains!! Don't think you burn all the choco-calories by this tho... ;) BTW, they announced the PS3 today! Yummier than choco x 100! ...at least! ^0^)/ relaxed? / K u m a k o

05.05.16 Monday

Back from the dead as of today. ;) Took my last set of pills this morning which made me a little drowsy at work but now I feel like a new person!! ^0^)/ The cure was a circle of eating, taking my medicine, drinking "Pocari sweat" (picture) and besides this SLEEPING, all day - all night!!! ;) I really turned into a bear this weekend, sleeping "winter" away. Anyways, recently I've got a lot of cute entries for the competition!! Thank you!! ^*^ Keep on sending those piccies!! (Entries due May 31st!)
waiting... v^-^v / K u m a k o

05.05.12 Thursday

Bleh! Started coughing pretty bad so I went to the doctor today! I got 3 different kinds of pills and was told that I also might wanna check if I got hay fever or not. Both my dad and sis have it, but I haven't had any allergic reactions (other than to tomatoes, but that's another story...) so I dunno... I might go take the test but I just can't stand all the shots!!! O,o;;; Ever since I was a kid I've had problems with this. Now I'm gonna take a lil nap. Just had my first set of pills...
sleeeepy... / K u m a k o

05.05.10 Tuesday

Lucky!! Today at the office, we all got Puma sneakers from the model agency Image. Our office is working with their top model Ai Tominaga a lot and this year Image is celebrating their 25th anniversary, which is the reason we got ourselves this pleasant suprise! Thank you!! ^0^)/ Now I'm back home eating sweet pineapple slices and watching silly TV before I get some serious work done. =9 Speaking of which, the "i Luv ..." section will be up soon! got a little behind schedule...
happi*grrrowl! =9 / K u m a k o

05.05.09 Monday

I'm alive!! ^0^ I can't belive I lived through a day at the office today though... The pic shows my new friend: a spray that soothes my sore throat when it hurts the most! Bought it during my lunch break today! =9 Thank gaaawd that Tokyo is this convinient. You can get anything you could possibly need 24/7! Actually, there's one lil problem with this... not only do you end up buying the things you _really_ need; you also (accidentally?) buy things you certainly could live without! ...or is it just me...? -0-;;;
pschhhh pscchhh / K u m a k o

05.05.08 Sunday

This might just look like a bad hangover, but it's NOT. I'm down with a fever and a nasty cold. Sore throat and stuff... bleh! On top of it all I fainted inside the train (JR Yamanote line) yesterday. -0-;;; Must have looked so stupid... I wont leave the house today! I still look like a tomato! *haha* Besides this I had a really nice Golden Week holiday, hanging out with friends I haven't seen in a while and just recharged my battery. (=stayed away from computers) ;) On medication / Kumako

05.05.04 Wednesday

Helluu! =) I just wanted to say thank you to all of you cuties who sent me e-mails after reading the article in Metro!! So happy to have inspired you in so many ways!! This makes me wanna work even harder! *^0^*
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! All e-mails will be replied a.s.a.p.! Got the "Metro" by post yesterday and it had this really funny message from the editor saying "read everything but the text next to your illustration" ('cause they got the credits wrong again...)
harder*better*faster*stronger / Kumako

05.05.01 Sunday

May's updates are up and I'm gonna take a lil teddy*nap now. Music nap. =9 Today I cut my nails short, or maybe I should say "shorter" cuz they're still quite long. Didn't really want to do it but I couldn't type anymore... ^^;; BTW,
thanks to a friend I discovered a new artist named Ane Brun. ( Thank you! ;D ) I'm totally hooked now, and for all of you who haven't heard her do something about it. ;9
Summer outside, winter inside... (Boy, do I need a tan...)
polar bear*hug / K u m a k o .oOo.