05.06.29 Wednesday

I was happy it rained today! Yesterday's Tokyo: 36.2 plus!!! o,0;;;; Today was the reception party of Medicom Toy's 2005 exhibition!! All the invited guests got a mini*Vader toy as a surprise gift!!!!! REALLY good choice of character I must say! ;) ...and as a cherry on top, we all got special made fluffy mashmallows! (mouse over) *nyaha* My friend Mako had made a beeyootiful Stormtrooper figure! The exhibition opens for the public tomorrow @ Parco 3, 7F, Shibuya!
Maffy*hugs / Kumako

05.06.26 Sunday

Dunno if you noticed by yesterdays pic, but I colored my hair back to dark-brown... I sort of regret it but there's not much to do now... hopefully it will get a little bleached from being outside in the sun during the summer months. ^X^; (speaking of which, it was 33 plus today... O.o;;; a little too hot here.) Had dinner at Isabelle's place today. Chicken Tacos with avocado and other yum yum! ;9 Monimoni arrived to Tokyo yesterday so soon there'll be more Kumako game-making coming up! Happi*hug / Kumako

05.06.25 Saturday

Back from the Star Wars ep. III preview event. ALL 9 screens at Virgin Cinemas showed Ep III non-stop til dawn! My 3rd time, but it just gets better and better. To honor the day, I made the same make up as Amidala in Ep. I, but since I wore black, I made the make-up black too. (Mouse over for a lil SW surprise!) At 20:30 there was a happening with SW cosplayers, (mainly stormtroopers) and a guy who built his own R2D2, which he could control!!!!!!! The beeps, the moves, all just like the original!! Move along! / Kumako

05.06.22 Wednesday

Got an invitation to the Medicom Toy exhibition and reception party next week! Invitation = get a secret toy at the party so now I'm really keen on what it might be! ^0^ Today I had dinner and went for some shopping with my dear Isabelle. She's gonna go study abroad for like 4 years so I'm a little sad now. ( ; x ;) Hopefully she'll come visit during her school vacays. And now; some good news!! Monimoni is landing on Saturday!! Just got the news by e-mail! *yaaaaaaaay* AND HAPPY B-DAY TO Angel-i!!!!!!!!! happy sad. sort of / Kumako

05.06.19 Sunday

You know it's summer in Japan when you spend almost 2 hours on straightening your hair with a pro-iron, and you wake up 7 hours later with big (un)natural wavy curls... The humidity here shows no mercy!... GAAAAAAAAH! >0<# *crawls back to bed*
Today's Father's day! and I heard that in the States, if you go see SW ep III this weekend you get a free Darth Vader poster that says "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!" *lol* Anyways, dun forget to celebrate your daddy today!!!! ^0^
Holiday*huggles! / Kumako

05.06.17 Friday

Finally the weekend's here! Took my usual 1 hour stroll home and when I stopped by a vending machine for something refreshing, to my surprise, this Amidala-versioned pepsi twist came out!! ^0^v Finally we're getting the Star Wars fever over here in Japan too. (crap! can't type straight! >< My nails... time for a cut I guess...) NEWS! I uploaded the photo-report of the Guam trip now! CLICK! Tomorrow is the opening day for the new Batman... and I'm going. Hope it's nice... good night... day? / Kumako

05.06.15 Wednesday

The rainy-period is here! ^^; When it starts raining in Japan it NEVER ends. At least it feels this way, and it doesn't matter if you have the world's largest umbrella; the rain gets you soaked anyways. -0-# On my way home I found this new yum yum I just had to try... ^0^; It's one of my old faves but "matcha" (= green tea) version! I usually luv anything when it comes to green tea! choco, ice cream, candy etc. ...but I'm not sure this was such a hit... It tastes ok, but it's not addictive. ^^;
imse vimse spindel... / Kumako

05.06.12 Sunday

Back to reality... No more paradise island with fine white sand and glittery blue ocean. No more happy hula dancing natives. No more Star Wars mania (at least not until after July 9th, when ep III opens here in Tokyo...) Spent my Sunday working a couple of hours on my manga, then unpacking and watching ep I & II one more time (but with the Japanese voice overs *hehe*), accompanied by my Darth Vader Chupa-holder. *yumm* Been taking a break from the game making but next week will change that. stay cute! / Kumako

05.06.11 Saturday

It's 2 a.m. and I'm at Guam's Airport waiting to board my flight back to Tokyo... 2 more hours to go. ack! >,<;; Been spinning around like an idiot in the few shops that are still open. One shop attendant here's really friendly, and let me try on anything I'd like. My new favorite is this nail polish by Anna Sui! The best thing with Anna Sui is that they scent their make up! So now my nails smells like rose 24/7! =9 The multi-colored glitter polish (tips) is from Anna Sui and the other one is something else. bored... / Kumako

05.06.10 Friday

Guess who saw episode III again...? ^0^;
I even bought the novel that covers ep III on my way back to the hotel yesterday, and read it all before Mr. Sandman got in the way! ;) Today I could control my tears better which made it a more pleasant experience! -0-;; Reading the novel made it even more interesting. As if this wasn't enough I had a meal at Burger King and got Star Wars goodies as bonus! More about all this mania later in the Guam cover up I'm working on. ;)
Wampa*hug / Kumako

05.06.09 Thursday

Finally I got to see it... ^0^)/ Spent morning and lunch at the beautiful beach, and then headed straight to the Micronesia Mall, where the island's only cinema is located. To be honest with you, I got all teary eyed just by the FOX fanfare and seeing the Lucasfilm Ltd's logo before the actual opening credits... ^^;. WOW! Lucas has done it!!! This is truly a worthy episode to conclude the saga. Dunno how many times I was moved to tears while seeing it. I can't complaint about anything.
MTFBWY. Always. / Kumako

05.06.08 Wednesday

I just read my horoscope and it said that today is the best possible day for a trip to the ocean!!! o.O; Talk about nice timing! *nyaha* (I'll make sure to take a lot of photos and upload them somewhere next week!) Today is suppose to be rainy but it still looks very promising with 24+! *^0^* We are expecting a typhoon later this week though... -0-;;;
I also want add that Captain Murphy changed their domain and layout recently! here's the new addy: www.captainmurphy.net! go!go!go!
"Gonna fly now" ;) / Kumako

05.06.07 Tuesday

Phew! it's after midnight and I am still cleaning and packing...(why is it always like this..^x^;) Felt I needed a break so I'll scribble here while drinking my rose hip tea. ;) I'm not bringing the laptop to Guam btw. I need to spend at least 4 whole days resting my eyes. *ehehe* Wonder if I will be able to get a nice tan... or if I just turn red. hmm... with my luck I'll probably just end up with a "puzzle" like I did on Hawaii some year ago... More about this episode in my upcoming Kumako manga.^^;
Beach + Star Wars = soon!! ;9
/ Kumako

05.06.05 Sunday

Finally saw "Million Dollar Baby"... To avoid a minor make-up disaster I prepared myself with waterproof mascara and tissues. ;) I'm sure I wasn't the only one who couldn't keep the tears back in the theatre... If you haven't seen it yet, pack yourself to the nearest cinema, NOW! Today's pic is taken inside the VIRGIN Cinema at Roppongi Hills. The next Batman is coming up so they decorated the whole front window which looked pretty neat. I heard Ken Watanabe has one of the roles... ^x^; Eating milk*chewies / Kumako

05.06.02 Thursday

The rainy-season seems to have started... *bleh* ...as a cherry on top we had 3 strong earthquakes yesterday!!! The worst one was 4.2! oxO;;; Most people don't know this but everyday when I get home from work, the very first thing I do is change into one of my many kawaii pajamas, followed by a nice face mask and some yoga. ^^; But yesterday, when we had all those quakes, I started to wonder if this is such a good idea... I wouldn't want to have to escape my flat wearing only a cute pajamas! DONGURI! ;) / Kumako

05.06.01 Wednesday
Yep yep! New month, guest artist, wallpaper and other stuff for you to enjoy. =9 (Don't miss the drawing competition winner!) Paid my ticket now so I'm all set for next week's trip to Guam! *yay* Call me crazy, but I've already looked up the nearest cinema on the island! (SW ep3) In the middle of this happi*wappi mood I got a sad (and a bit suprising) e-mail from a dear one back in Sweden. CHEER UP! ^0^)/ *sending you pink-sugar heart prayers* m(u . u)m ~ <3 <3 <3
Freshly squeezed!
/ Kumako