05.07.31 Sunday

Pic from J-pop cafe with Monimoni. Sushi-lunch and then Honey-ice at this cafe who totally changed their interior some time ago. (even the menu...) This used to be my favorite place to hang out, but now the cosy pillow-room section is remodeled into this semi-futuristic lounge... nice but I liked it better the way it was before! The cooler was killing us but the staff were kind enough to provide us with blankets. *yay* Okies, more later! It's time for the finishing touches of the August update. Laid back mode / Kumako

05.07.30 Saturday

James, my big brother, got his first child!!!!!!!!
*yaaaaaaaaaaaaay* Lil Anna is just soooo cute!!! I was talking with Angel-i yesterday about my brother having a baby soon, and when I got back the same night I found his happy announcement with piccies in my mailbox!! CONGRATULATIONS and BIG BIG hugs to James and Ellen!! o---(^0^)---o
Last night I was out with David and his lovely Shizu! I had such a great time!! Now I'm heading for Shibuya and a very late "lunch" with Monimoni! Happi*bear / Kumako

05.07.29 Friday

ehehehe! ^0^ Sent in my entries for the Pepsi bottle cap competition. 3000 happy peeps will become the lucky owners of an R2D2 drink cooler!!! Keep those fingers crossed! I'll need it. ^^; This lil fella is about 70 cm high and can keep 10 pepsi 250ml bottles ready to serve. Those who know me knows how bad I want this one! *haha* Spent many hours over msn today with my dear Angel-i! She's working (night) at another office in LA but it feels like we're on the same floor. Luv msn!!
Mjau mjau! / Kumako

05.07.28 Thursday

Yet another earthquake today... A magnitude 5.1, but not in central Tokyo where I'm at. I had just about stepped out of the elevator and into my flat when it started.
*Eeeeeeek* >0<;; Right now I'm sitting here making new wallpaper for the August upload. Soon it's time for my daily Yoga and then straight to bed! I got so much better, but I need to stay on the safe side. I'm fed up with my poor immune system! *eating my vitamines* BTW, Thank you for 21000 hits!!!
Happi*Grrrowl! / Kumako

05.07.27 Wednesday

After coughing myself through the night I feel somewhat reset! ^o^v Tomorrow I'll be back on track again at the office! Been re-charging with healthy food and a lot of fruit & vitamins. Today's best buy were these seedless mini grapes on the pic! *yumm* Sweet and refreshing in this hot weather (35.7 degrees celcius today!!!). Message: glad you liked the tee EMIL! Nice pic too! ^w^v ...and Am*sis, I sent your package today!! Hope you likes! =9
Getting back to work...
Huggies! *o*)/ / Kumako

05.07.26 Tuesday

Been working from home today. If I'm not well by tomorrow I'm afraid this is not just another cold. ;_; *Making a hot lemon-honey drink* I just finished watching the launch of NASA's space shuttle "Discovery" live on TV! Wonder what it's like up there... ^w^ As far as I know last time they tried, something went wrong and the whole crew was killed. >o<; BTW, We've had a nasty tyfoon haunting Japan today. Trains have stopped and some house evacuation was made! Mother Nature is not happy with us... Oyasumi! / Kumako

05.07.25 Monday

Got myself a new vacuum cleaner! My old one (a pink Hello Kitty one) has seen it's last days! R.I.P. This new one is so nice and I've been cleaning for hours now. It's cute in a different way than my kitty*one. Kinda like a pregnant woman's belly rolling around on the floor! *hehe* It might look small and useless but it's quite the opposite! And you gotta luv the point card system at Sakuraya! 10% point-back on everything! Usable, to buy other stuffies later. I usually head straight for the games or DVDs! :*) still coughin' / Kumako

05.07.24 Sunday

Caught a cold again... yuk! I really don't have time for this... (Why don't I ever learn that sleeping with the aircon on really kills you. >0<;) But! Like the bear I am, I still have a small stock of Swedish homemade honey so I should live through this. ^.~v Today there's this Jet-Li vs. Yakiniku event going on but I just wont make it... sadly! >_<# Talk about bad timing! Hope the elevator is working now... I need to go get myself something to eat and something for the fever.
/ Kumako

05.07.23 Saturday

Horrible earthquake in Tokyo today... This was the worst one I've ever experienced during my 4 years here... It was a 5.7!! ...and ALL the trains stopped for over 2 hours and everything just turn into chaos! >o<;; Just by seeing the crowd on the pic might give you an idea of the situation. People EVERYWHERE!! ^x^;;; The mobile-net was screwed too... And as a cherry on top, the elevator in my apartment building had stopped!! I live on the 7th floor... tohoho...
Beddy bye bye / Kumako

05.07.20 Wednesday

Morning in Tokyo and I can't make up my mind if I'm having frosties or just plain corn flakes for breakfast... (Not a certified reason or being late for work...^,^;) The rainy-season is over, and we're fighting the cold inside (18+) and the heat outside (+34 yesterday). Got some really cute e-mails this morning!! Some competition entries too! Dun forget to send in bad-hair-day art while you still can! look here! Tonight I'm having a gals- dinner with cute cute Manami-chan! *yay*
Going to work! :) / Kumako

05.07.16 Saturday

Saw "War of the worlds" today. Yes I had a few laughs, was impressed by the CG and Dakota Fanning is excellent as always, (is she really 11?) but that's it I guess. It was way too long and there were a lot of scenes we could live without. Today's pic is another reason to just LOVE Japan!!! This is just one side-dish from the menu at CUBE Hatago! They put so much heart into everything! The restaurant is built up as a small town with cubic private rooms and the staff wears kimono. *yay*
Yum yumm / Kumako

05.07.15 Friday

Pic from yesterday's recpetion party of the newly opened restaurant Canoviano. This place is located right in front of JR Tokyo Station exit so you can't miss it! (...that is if you make your way OUT from the station, since it's like a labyrinth down there! ^^;) Great yummy food and I totally loved the WHITE LOUNGE downstairs. Mouse over the pic to see another shot. They had flamenco dancers and singers performing. neato! =9 The night ended at alife in Nishi Azabu!
happi*hugs! / Kumako

05.07.13 Wednesday

More Star Wars: just got my R2D2 USB memory delivered. Today we had such strange weather... really hard to know what to wear... On top of it all I managed to fall in the stairs while trying to catch the train and bruised my knee purple! ><; It didn't look that bad at first but now It's shifting of all the colors of the rainbow and tomorrow's another reception party, = "dress" and I hope I can cover it nicely. Wont look getting there with bruised knees... The meeting went great BTW! *excited* bear*hug! / Kumako

05.07.09 Saturday (<< mouse over pic)

Finally Star Wars episode III has opened in Japan too! ...aaand as you see in the pic, I got my costume done in time for the countdown event 00:00! The hair buns were probably the worst challenge but it turned out better than I could ever wish for. *phew* There were tons of SW cosplayers and even a Cantina Band (!!!) playing!!! Thanks to Mr Suzuki and all the members of Little Falcon for the invitation and warm welcome! More photos will be added asap! Going to see Monimoni now! Meeting! ;)
MTFBWY. Always. / Kumako

05.07.06 Wednessday

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Yes, this is a real sewing machine... bought it online the other day! :P Until Friday I'm gonna make a certain costume so wish me luck! (I'll sure need it! *haha*) Speaking of luck... or more like the opposite. I got this bad omen x 3 at lunch break. First I passed a coffin being carried out of a temple, then a black cat ran in front of me, and while waiting at the station a woman came up to me, without a word, and passed me a note on "life after death"!!! o.O; All this in only 6 minutes!! spooky / Kumako

05.07.05 Tuesday

Back from 4 hours of crazy karaoke with Monimoni! *yay* ^0^)/ We have a new project in the making and today was our second "serious" meeting. We always end up in karaoke boxes though... *hehe*

Today, my biggest idol arrived in Japan. GEORGE LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't belive he's here!!! There is a rumor that Mr. Lucas and Hayden Christensen are staying in Tokyo until Friday the 8th. Sweet dreams!
MTFBWY! / Kumako

05.07.03 Sunday

Back now from the closing ceremony of the short shorts film festival. I brought Monimoni, but neither one of us brought an umbrella, which we truly had to regret. (The sky fell down, even though it wasn't expected... -0-;) My absolute fave among the nominated ones was the award winning film "Shirotaku" and one of my favorite Japanese designers, Koshino Junko, was handing out one of the awards. She's just the coolest, and the outfit she wore tonight was awesome!! Hope you all had a nice Sunday! ^0^ xoxo / Kumako

05.07.02 Saturday

Yesterday went exactly as I thought it would. Shopping, dinner, karaoke. ^.^;
Today I've been out with my parter in crime Monimoni! We spotted this Hello Kitty bus near shibuya station. Too cute! In the front next to the driver they had a HUGE hello Kitty plush doll. (Probably 1.20m tall!!) I sure wonder what happened inside the bus... My guess is that all the pre-recorded announcements are done by the voice-actress of Hello Kitty. ^-^v
Time for beddy bye bye now!
Happy holidays! / Kumako

05.07.01 Friday

Dunno what happened to June, but here's July! ^0^)/ Got a really sweet Guest Artist this month from Argentina, Juliana Pedemonte! Hope you like the other added stuff too! =)
Tonight I'm gonna go out with my dear friend "Ichigo" (Japanese for "strawberry", for those who don't know! ^-^) I guess we'll start off with some shopping, followed by yummy food, to end the night singing our hearts out at some karaoke-place! *hehe* This is what usually happens when we go out...
Thank god it's Friday! / Kumako