05.08.29 Monday

Today was spent in the country-side of Kyoto,
a place called Arashiyama! Soooo beautiful and we mainly enjoyed the garden and surroundings of the Tenryuu Temple! Then, after a quick snack stop, we went to see Jinn's exhibition! Awesome! Where I also got the honour to get introduced to Jinn's beautiful and talented mother & sister, and their good friend Luis. I got a really warm welcome which made me soooo happy inside!! *wee* Now I'm back in Tokyo! A little lonely to be honest... Leaving for Germany on Friday! xoxo / Kumako

05.08.28 Sunday

Saw a great concert today!!! Once again we took a trip to Osaka. One of Jinn's friends "Mio" was the opening act for Seu Jorge! I've heard a lot of good things about this girl and when she actually started singing I understood why! Amazing voice and stage presence!! I even cried when Mio started reading a poem as an intro for this song. After the show we met up and when Miss Mio heard that my dad is Yugoslavian she started singing this beautiful folksong for me!!! WOW! Thank you soooo much!!! Oh happi day! / Kumako

05.08.27 Saturday

Was helping out at Jinn's place today. DVDs x 44 to burn and post! *lol* Just gotta luv this house!! And the fact that there's a whole bunch of kitties running around is just awesome!! I'm totally addicted to cats! ...like healing power for me! *meow* My aunt used to have A LOT of cats! Wish I could go visit her someday soon... Jinn lives with this married couple who has their own record company. A really sweet couple!!! And Yuki cooked really nice food for us!! *Yum yum* Kinda like a homestay feeling there! meow! / Kumako

05.08.26 Friday

Started off early this morning with a trip to Osaka!! *yay* There's this park at the Osaka EXPO that Jinn's dad constructed so we went there to check it out!! WOW! It was great finally getting to enjoy the nature and all! After this we took some time visiting an amazing fountain installment that Jinn's mother, Mariyo Yagi desiged! The night ended watching TEAM AMERICA in Osaka! *lol* I luv anything by Trey Parker & Matt Stone! Wonder why it was shown this late in Japan? Have to get the DVD!
America, F**k yeah!! (hehe)
/ Kumako

05.08.25 Thursday

Yaaaay! I'm in Kyoto now!! hot hot hot! ;) Sweet Jinn came to pick me up at the station and showed me to my hotel. I must admit I got a little chocked that he followed me all the way into my room but he had a reason... he wanted to put flowers in the room, to make me feel at home! Just tooo sweet!!! Unpacked and change clothes, then we went to a small festival, had dinner at this beautiful cosy Japanese restaurant, and had a couple of drinks at this super*nice place near the river. I LUV KYOTO! Relax mode / Kumako

05.08.23 Tuesday

Packing for Kyoto! *hehe* Been trying to do it cleverly but as always it looks like I'm gonna bring too much stuff... I'll give it a new try tomorrow! ;) Bought these Pumas today! The displayed pair I tried on were the last ones in that shop, so the shop attendant actually ran off to another store (10 minutes away) to get me a brand new boxed pair. I insisted on going myself but since it was raining he wouldn't let me!! WOW! This is Tokyo, and you just gotta love it. The service is truly amazing. Thank You so much!! / Kumako

05.08.20 Saturday

Tadaima!! Been out posting some stuff and walking all round town. *^0^* Laid eyes on a cute summer dress that I just had to buy! =9 Also stopped by my "second home" KIDDYLAND. *lol* Found this R2D2 made out of LEGO at the entrance!!! It even had original R2D2 beeps set to it!! Sweet! Today is gonna be a laid back evening, just fiddling with the updates for September!! Got a really interesting guest artist coming up with exclusive stuff for you to enjoy!!! Keep those eyes peeled! ;) bEEP bEEP! / Kumako

05.08.19 Friday

Me and Monimoni had a little farewell*dinner last night and took some memorial purikura too! We always do that! Monimoni left for Sweden this morning so I'm feeling a little blue today! ~.~ Can't wait until October when The Monimoni returns!! *hehe* Sooo many fun things planned already!! *^0^*
Ooof, soo worn out today... But a lot of good things have happened lately!!! I'll let you know as soon as I can! *yay*

Happi*hug! / Kumako

05.08.18 Thursday

I'm getting a lot of omiyage (souvenirs) lately!
My boss came home from the World Championships of Athletics in Helsinki this week and brought us all cute cute Moomin-goodies. *^w^* Gotta luv Moomin!!! I got this "Hattifnattarna" desk-mascot thing! In Japanese they're called NYORONYORO!! LOVE the sound of that! haha.
Today I'm meeting up with Monimoni after work! Important meeting ahead!

/ Kumako

05.08.17 Wednesday

Broke a nail today! ick! >X<;; A warning my nails had grown way too long? ...ended up cutting them all short. I was just about to do some nail art on them now that I had much space to work on... oh well too bad... My claws will probably be grown in notime anyways! ;) Today has been a day filled of travel related stuff. Got my Kyoto tickets and check-in details delivered (yay!!) and I also had to deal with the schedule for Germany in September! (New interpreter work, English-Japanese).
Sleepy bear!
/ Kumako

05.08.16 Tuesday

Busy*bee!!! Yesterday was spent with Monimoni at my place. OMG! Our brains are totally connected somehow!! It's scary how well we work together! Big hugs to Monimoni!!
Today I got totally shocked by this HUGE earthquake. Didn't know if I should get out or stay put. It lasted for 2 whole minutes!!!!! Felt even longer... And things even came falling down in the office. *Boooooo* ; 0 ; Today's pic is of yummy candy I got from Saori-chan!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! It's so kewt!!!! *^0^*
Happi again
/ Kumako

05.08.12 Friday

Yes! My parents are actually born on the EXACT SAME YEAR, MONTH and DAY!!!!!!!!!! It's like 4 hours between their births!!! + Mom is Swedish and dad is Yugoslavian!!! Talk about a sweet destiny!!! And they're the best parents one could ever have!!

Wish I could be with you today!!
^*^ I LOVE YOU!!!!! ^*^

Birthday*huggies / Kumako

05.08.07 Sunday

Today was spent with Monika, preparing our game at my place. New session again tomorrow! Then I went to loosen up my poor muscles at this relaxation/massage place and ended up buying this dress! You can't see all the details on it but it's really nice! It was love at first sight! *haha* They even got me a huuuge discount 'cause they said that the dress looked as it was ment just for me. No, this was not just your average sales*trick. ^0^v I wanted just about EVERYTHING in that select shop! Sunshine*hug / Kumako

05.08.06 Saturday

Had one of the most fantastic fun gals*night yesterday with Monika, Zanna (photo) and Jelena!!! Started of catching up on things with Zanna, then teamed up with the others and set course for the club "feria"! Few drinks there then we head of to club "Yellow" for some dancing! Then we're back in feria dancing even more and Monika and me even had a karaoke session in one of the private rooms there. *hahaha* Thank you for a lovely time! And thanks Zanna for the bracelet!!! *mwah* Happi*hugs / Kumako

05.08.05 Friday

Yoga! *haha* Had mexican lunch today with Saori from work. I luv that lil place!! Avocado salad and chicken burrito with cream cheese! *yum* One really rare thing occured at work!! I was stitting at my desk concentrating when suddenly this BEAUTIFUL large butterfly came to flutter right in front of me at my window!!! Just like it wanted to say something! Our office is in midtown and on the 7th floor!!!!!! It was a thrilling moment for me and I want to believe it's a sign that something really nice is about to happen!! ^0^ Tanoshimi / Kumako

05.08.04 Thursday

Survived my huge cleaning project and now I can open the door even if it would be the emperor himself outside! Almost too clean now. *hehe* I have sooo much energy lately, and Tokyo is just like a resort with this tropical heat. Getting use to it I think. *happy* Oh! Bought myself a web-camera BTW! It's fantastic!! Nice and clear picture. Maybe I could do something fun on kumako.se with it... Had another wonderful chat with Angel-i today! *eeep* Tomorrow is a day fill of parties to go to!! Stay happy!! Rolling / Kumako

05.08.03 Wednesday

Tomrrow at noon there's gonna be a fire alarm and evacuation test in this building. 3:11 am and I'm still up cleaning. I've taken this over the edge and every single centimeter of my flat is soon shiny as a day. Remaining now is my balcony which is unnecessary big... and the evil pooping pigeons are having a blast there every single day! :( ...wonder if there's anything I could to keep them off my property!!?! Any ideas? A scarecrow? Last but not least, they're teasing Kandi too!! *grrrr*
PIKAPIKA!! / Kumako

05.08.02 Tuesday

Ooof! I had such a nice time yesterday, attending my friend Yuumi's glass and ceramic exhibition, having dinner at "Gumbo & Oster bar" and ending the evening with aroma oil foot massage. Just what I needed! Today's pic is of one of Yuumi's many displayed items. It's a glass bowl for snacks or salad or whatever you want. =9 I might make it my candy treat bowl! ^_- Thank you Yuumi and Kenji! I had a great time!! Okies, I'm heading for work now but here's a link that have kept my eyes open lately. Feeling cozy / Kumako

05.08.01 Monday

Yet another month has passed... time is totally ahead of me. -0-; So much to do and so little time! Anyways, Andrew N Cross from the UK is this month's guest artist and a new competition was added. Also added new wallpaper and a video clip of a bored Kumako with almost no voice. ^^; BTW, There's been some talking after my Princess Leia cosplay, and the Star Wars fanclub "Little Falcon" wants me to join the Rebel Legion! ;) We'll see! I'd rather dress up in one of those crazy Queen Amidala costumes... Busy*bee / Kumako