05.09.30 Friday

The final touch of the cleaning have been made. *hehe* Even the big big balcony is pikapika shiny! ;) Now I'm waiting for Jinn and Mugi the cat! They're getting closer! =9
Did some cutsie shopping before I got home today. This Totoro lidcover and a matching mat + Hello Kitty Boot mascots. (Mouse-over to see that piccie!) OOoooooh, can't wait!
Today I had mexican with Yukari at lunch! We had a really nice conversation regarding Japanese society and relationships! yup yup.
/ Kumako

05.09.28 Wednesday

Been working online from home today 'cause I have a belly*ache from hell. *meow...* I just remembered I haven't told you about a thing I found in the convinience store the other day!! It's this mini space invaders game! *lol* about 350 yen or so! ...but still, it totally works!!
ooof... The rest of the evening will be spent rearranging stuff and cleaning. Jinn*sweetie & Mugi the cat finally arrives on Friday! *nyaha* Other than that the October-updates and goodies are all set! Hope ya likes! =9
Blast them! ;)
/ Kumako

05.09.27 Tuesday

Had mexican lunch with Saori-chan today! Sooo yummy! It's truly becoming Autumn here in Tokyo. Chilly compared to summer-time Tokyo that's way too hot! Hmmm... ^^; After work I did some light shopping. Some DVD and a new cover for the sofa! One pleasant surprise today at the convinience store was that they now offer Starbucks Coffee!!! *yay* But the happiest thing today was arriving home finding a postcard from my dearest! What's written in it? Can't tell you! uhihi! ^*^
/ Kumako

05.09.25 Sunday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANDI!!!!!!!!!!! *mwah*
My little baby turned 2 this morning!! I got her a new house, strawberry*shaped as you can see on the photo!! *hehe* She's in there all the time now! ...2 years has passed... time really flies by too fast lately... ^^;; Today will be spent celebrating Kandi all day! *meow* Cozy! BTW! I'd like to thank everybody who have submitted for the drawing competition!! There's still some time left so don't hesitate to send in those submissions!! Let's draw! *^0^*
Happy birhtday Kandi!
/ Kumako

05.09.24 Saturday

Today when I woke up I had this scary e-mail waiting for me. My sister was chased by a knife-man on a bike in Stockholm when walking home from work!!!! o.O;;; Luckily she managed to escape into a convinience store where the staff contacted the police..., who got there way too late so the knife-man is still loose!!! x_X;;; Reading my sister's detailed story of what happened made me totally boil inside, just like any sister would!! Sure hope they can catch that crazy man asap!! >x<#
Keep those eyes peeled!
/ Kumako

05.09.22 Thursday

Busy day today! ...and! I attended a meeting for almost 3 hours! X_x; BUT! It turned out to be pretty cool!! This woman at the meeting was the one and only LUM-chan from "Urusei Yatsura"!! Surprise surprise! I kinda recognized her but wasn't sure why... and when she left the conference room to get something my boss told me!! She even called me "Bea-chan"! *dokidoki* ;)) Now I'm taking time to check the stuff I was presented at the Tokyo Game Show last weekend! Finally! ;)
Lum datcha! ;)
/ Kumako

05.09.21 Wednesday
Awww, these Hello Kitty straps are just adorable!! Right now Lipton Japan is having a Hello Kitty vs. Rody collaboration campaign!
These are 3 out of 8 mobile phone mascots that you get when you buy a 500ml bottle of Lipton Limone ice tea. Sooooooooooo cute and well done! BTW, Autumn has come to Japan! It all happens over a night! Always! ;) It's pretty chilly outside and I just realized I haven't been to the beach this summer... (Ok, I had a mini trip to Guam in June but that's it...) hmmm...
86 Kitty! / Kumako

05.09.20 Tuesday
Back at work! Today at lunch my friend Sweet Saori brought me another souvenir!!! (see picture) It's this super*cute mirror with a stand. THANK YOU SO MUCH SAORI!!! ^0^)/ The timing is really great too because the mirror I use every morning is a little worn out so it wont stand anymore! Oh, a lot of people have been wondering what the photo from yesterday is... It's actually one of the dolls Koutaku made and currently have on display at his exhibition! So now you know! ;) Happy*hugs!! / Kumako

05.09.19 Monday
National holiday in Japan today!! *yay* Had a nice Kumako interview/shooting for an upcoming Swedish web magazine! We visited places like Meiji Shrine, the backside of Harajuku and J-pop cafe to name a few places. I also took the chance to show Koutaku's exhibition too! Oh, Today something unusual happened! I saw 5 brides and grooms in a time span of less than 3 hours!! Married couples all over the place! =) 4 traditional kimono wedding couples and one western! Sweet! Love is in the air / Kumako

05.09.18 Sunday
Started off today with a sushi-breakfast in Harajuku... umm... maybe I should call it a brunch... ^_- Then met up with June's guest artist "Koutaku" to attend the opening of his new exhibition in Omotesando! He's a total genious!!! All of you who are in the area GO SEE IT!!! NOW!!! ;) Esquisse 3F 18th-29th! The day ended with a visit at Tokyo Game Show and me doing my roots! The new hair color is a little darker than before but with a ash redish kinda touch. Thank you Yukari!!
Busy busy / Kumako

05.09.17 Saturday
WOW! Last night was awesome!!! First dinner, and clubbing with Martin & Martin then dancing til dawn at WOMB with Jinn! Dinner was taken at Arabian Rock... When you enter this place you' re welcomed by three belly-dancer gals who escort to your private table! There you 're asked if someone's birthday is close to date. Luckily we weren't and we sure got to know so later... *lol* Two guys dressed as Genie and Jafar + maybe 8 hand-madiens went berserk at some bithday table with wistles and loud singing! ack! ^^; 12345677 ;) / Kumako

05.09.16 Friday
Tonight I'm meeting Martin Kellerman for an interview! *yay yay* I was hoping we could mess around at that Ninja restaurant but what I didn't know was that you have to book table at least 2 weeks ahead... grrrowl!! Not only is it a cool invironment to be seated in, the food is AWESOME!! Going for plan B... Also!! Late late tonight Jinn*sweetie has a small live performance at WOMB! Got decided last night when the event holder found out Jinn's in town! We saw "Be cool" yesterday! Had a few good laughs! LUV / Kumako

05.09.13 Tuesday
Ooofee! Got a little wild yesterday! Me, Jinn and Koutaku went to have a couple of drinks and catch up on what's going on! =9 We had our own little room at this restaurant that was as big as a box. Nice and cosy but you gotta be careful when you're 175 cm tall! *lol* The night ended with karaoke. *hehehe*
Today I've had a yummy mexican lunch! Avocado salad and chicken burritos with cream cheese! ;9 And tonight I'm going to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! yay!!
yum yum / Kumako

05.09.12 Monday
Hey there!! Sooo sorry for the absence!! A lot of wonderful things have happened and are about to happen right now! *^0^* I will upload diary-entries from the past weeks asap. Had a great job-meeting yesterday and will become more and more busy from now on, but I'll try my best to keep you updated. Thanks so much for all the cute e-mails and nice offers lately!! I am currently replying, so everyone waiting will get Kumako e-mails later on today! See you! ^*^)/
/ Kumako

05.09.10 Saturday
DISNEY SEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! *^0^*
Finally I got to go! Been saving myself for a special moment! *hehe* What a wonderful and adoreable place!!! Started it all with the scariest coaster they've got without even knowing so. LOL. Perfect weather, perfect company! nyaha!! ;) Can't really make up my mind if I like Disney LAND or SEA better... Disney Land has better rollercoasters but Sea might just be a better dating spot! Either way you need more than 1 day to see it all! ^-^v
Under the sea!
/ Kumako

05.09.09 Friday
Sweet*darling*Jinn arrived in Tokyo today! *happii* Finally. *hehe* ;) ...
Yup yup! As of August 27th we're officially a couple! And it feels wonderful after a long period of me ONLY focusing on work, work, work and work!!! Awww, my world is all dyed in pink now! *^0^* Everyday happy day!
Oh, I am supposed to update the August*diary from Kyoto but I still got tons of other stuff to take care of... ;) Until then I'll catch up on moments from this week. (see entry 05.09.10) mwah mwah!! / Kumako

05.09.08 Thursday

Back in Japan and at the office!! Once again there was a slight problem getting to the airport!! But this time it wasn't me oversleeping! ;) The car engine broke down just as we arrived at the gates of the airport!!! What if it would've broken down on the highway a little earlier!! >o<;;; Talk about luck!! Nuff about the scary stuff, today's lunch was real nice! And I found a little heart in the salad. *hehe* Yup, maybe it's far fetched but I got a little ukiuki happy when I spotted it.
Meow! / Kumako

05.09.05 Monday

Today was mainly spent in Holland! Just a short day trip visit but it was fun!
Had something really funny for brunch today! Hawaiian toast! *lol* Toast, Pineapple and A LOT of cheese! ;) Couldn't even finish it all... One thing that's pretty surprising here (in Dusseldorf) is that not many people are fluent in English... one of the reasons we ended up with this toast! *lol* ...not much more to say today except that the great weather continues! Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine!
Aloha! / Kumako

05.09.04 Sunday

Attended some fashion show / party today! Interesting set! The theme was old fashioned movie star glamour vs. disco kitch, and in the middle of it all they served Thai food with girls in sari!? *hahaha* They also had a Frank Sinatra look-alike singing his stuff... Anyways, the fun had yet to get starting when my jetlag hit me... got back to my hotel room around 11 pm. *lol* ...which was good, 'cause I got some important international phone calls around midnight! You know who you are! ;) Thankies!! Sleepy... / Kumako

05.09.03 Saturday

WOOOOOOOOW!! Germany is soooo beautiful at this time of the year and the weather is fantastic! almost 30 degrees celcius and nice breezy winds. They got me a super*nice room with a huge double bed even though I'm all alone. *Lucky* The bathroom is huge too, and the breakfast is super*YUMMY!!!! A large variation of nutritious bread, jam, cheese, ham, cereals, yoghurt, desserts you name it!
Sometimes I really miss this kinda breakfast...
Just like back in Sweden...
Relaxed mode / Kumako

05.09.02 Friday

Oh sweet baby Jesus! Today could have ended in a disaster!! I TOTALLY OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was supposed to take a train to Narita Airport at 06:15 and I woke up at 06:08!!!! Luckily I had packed and arranged everything the night before so I just dashed out. Usually I stay up all night before a flight... mainly because I'm not too keen on flying and by doing that I fall asleep instead. But this time I just couldn't stay awake... so I crashed into neverland and almost missed my flight. Almost! Inhale, exhale... / Kumako

05.09.01 Thursday

Back from Kyoto and summer-vacay!! I had the best time of my life!! Honestly! All thanks to sweet sweet Jinn, who's actually this month's guest artist!! Tada!! *^0^*
I'll add all the Kyoto diary comments and photos taken while being away the 25th-29th asap! Aaaawww... Got tons of good news to pour over you!! But first I'm leaving for Germany and 5 days of interpret*work (starting tomorrow)! Don't forget to send in those entries for the drawing competition! =9
Happy as can be!! / Kumako