05.10.31 Monday

In Kyoto with Jinny! The first live events are over and we've had some free time to enjoy. Yesterday we went to the Kiyomizu Temple! The sky was dyed in pink & purple and we tried our luck with the Omikuji! WE BOTH GOT THE DAIKICHI!!! For those who don't know, this is the best you can get when it comes to good fortune and it's very rare. Especially BOTH getting this one is extremely rare! I never got it before so you can imagine how thrilled I was!! *LOL* Good things are to come! For sure! Happy*hug! / Kumako

05.10.26 Wednesday

Still busy busy! A lot to deal with regarding the kumako WEB, and a lot of nice dinners with my hunnie and his sweet peeps! The pic shows this wonderful little hideout in Shibuya! Went there last night with Jinny and Shinya. Awesome food! *yum yum* Aaaand, I just want to thank all of you who already submitted to the drawing competition! Receiving your Kumako*piccies always makes my heart jump of joy!!! *^0^* Keep up the great work!!! Next week will be spent in Kyoto!!! Can't wait!! =9
grrrowl! ^-^ / Kumako

05.10.20 Thursday

Yaaay! Last night's event was just awesome! I was sooo proud!! *^o^* ...and I forgot the fact that I had been working my eyes out all day! Dancing dancing! The only problem was that there wasn't much of a chance to get a nice photo of the set so I ended up just having photos from the backstage area. The piccies shows me and cute*cute Saori (who works at my office BTW) and then me and my Jinny! Thanks for yet another lovely evening! Totally overslept this morning though... ^w^;
Huggies! / Kumako

05.10.18 Tuesday

Busy busy busy! Tons of new stuff to take care of! Work work work... But I'm happy*wappy. Tomorrow night Jinn*sweetie is playing live at an event for the Ghost in the Shell game (PSP) and he will be performing under the name of Delua Anti Norm! ((More info: Track back to the Kumako diary entry from 05.10.04!)) Exciting! If you're in Tokyo: DON'T MISS THIS EVENT!! BTW, I tried my web*cammy with Inga-chan the other day. Even my mom and dad managed to connect and see me online.
/ Kumako

05.10.15 Saturday

Kumako.se has reached 30000 HITS as of this morning! Thank you so much!!! To celebrate this I changed the welcome page! It's been ages since I did OEKAKI BBS drawings.
For those who don't know, Oekaki BBS is like a drawing board that you doodle on online!

Anyways, BIG THANKS AGAIN!!! ^0^)/

Tack tack!!
/ Kumako

05.10.13 Thursday

Today my copy of LE BOOK finally arrived!!!
Actually I had myself to blame this time, but anyways, it got delivered safely and it's all that matters now! Tokyo is getting colder and colder for each day and practicly everbody is catching a cold around me; including myself. >,<;; Not that bad this time but it's still annoying 'cause you want to tons of things and you only got the strength to do half of it! OK, 'nuff about this now. Hope you're all enjoying autumn! End of this month will be spent in beautiful Kyoto!! *yay* cheers! / Kumako

05.10.10 Monday

Raining today... all day... Watched the last part of Amelie this morning. Gotta love that movie! Nice music, photography and performances! The rest of the day was spent around the Harajuku - Shibuya area! Me and Jinny went to see Koutaku's kidsis YURI's exhibition at Esquisse in Omotesando 3F! Open during the 8th-22nd this month! When we left we were presented an original illustration!! (mouse over the picture for a better look!) More of Yuri at kumako.se later on! *yay*
bear*huggles / Kumako

05.10.09 Sunday

Went to a really nice boat-party yesterday!! It was a special event by RASP! Nice vibes and a beautiful view of rainbow bridge as you can see in the piccie! On the top deck they had live performances, DJs and even live painting!! We also got to see fireworks shot from the harbor! Nice! After we got back home me and sweetie*Jinn watched "Happy Gilmore"! *LOL* How could I've missed that one!! BTW! Kandi has totally given up on her strawberry house... all to become good friends with Mugi?
Happy*hug / Kumako

05.10.07 Friday

Got this piccie sent to me during the morning hours! Kandi and Mugi are really improving for each day! Now I dun have to worry when I leave for work every morning! *hehe* Today they apparently were doing some bird-watching! *kawaii* Mugi is also getting more interested in Kandi's strawberry house. Dunno what Kandi feels about that though... ^,- Phew! Did many "work" follow-ups today! Been a little off track recently but I do have my reasons! Getting a whole new family! *^0^* brrr meow! / Kumako

05.10.06 Thursday

Got this pic sent to me from Manami-chan! She's working with Hello Kitty today! I WANNA DO THAT TOOOO!! ;D *hehe* Been a rather slow day at work today, but I had a nice lunch with Jinn*sweetie and Saori-chan! Indian Curry again! *lol* Today's special curry was Spinach and chicken mixed! *yummy yum yum* Already looking forward to next time! *lol* Luckily Saori-chan is also totally addicted to the curry they serve at our favorite place! ...and the "nan" is super*delish!
/ Kumako

05.10.04 Tuesday

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Today Jinn came home with the sample CD of the Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex Soundtrack! Jinn made one of the tracks on it and I, Kumako had the honour to name it!!! This was a day in August when I got the track sent over to me to help out with the brainstorming for a suitable title, and after listening to it a couple of times it just hit me, "Lust for Speed". That's the title that came out of my head. The album is released worldwide tomorrow!! Don't miss out! ORDER!
/ Kumako

05.10.03 Monday

Yaaaaaaaaay!! I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox today!! A jiffy filled with Rocky books and magazines from super*duper nice Martin Kellerman! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! ^0^ *happiiii* Stayed up way to late last night! A lot of new stuff to arrange in the apartment! Still a lot left to do! But I couldn't be happier right now! meow! That was the goo news, the bad news is that I caught a cold... ;p *bleh* But I have great confidence in curing this one real fast! *hehe* Off reading Rocky...
huggles / Kumako

05.10.02 Sunday

Busy but happy day yesterday, spent with Jinn at a concert of the lovely Mio, and then later a big "pic-nic" with Zanna & Co. We were around 20 friends gathered in the Inogashira Park! It was nice hearing Mio's voice again and to hear a few more songs than last time! Meeting Zanna was a blast too! She gives me sooo much energy just by being her lovely sweet self! Me and Jinn even took a little break climbing a tree! *lol* Today's pic was taken last night when we were doing fireworks! =9 meow! / Kumako

05.10.01 Saturday

New month again! September went by so fast! I guess that happens when you're having the time of your life! ;) walking on pink clouds...
This month I'm happy to present Miles Donovan as my guest artist!! I also added some new purikuras, and 1 new personal + 1 public i-shot gallery! As you can see I was presented the Kumako Painting that Koutaku made for his guest artist page! It's just totally Amazing!!! Now I'm just excited to get everything done with the move so I can put it up! ;) happi*hugs / Kumako