05.12.23 Friday

One day before X-mas!!!!!!!! I'm just about to go out to get the last necessary stuffies for tomorrow! *excited* =9 Me and Jinn are spending all day at Tokyo Disney Land!! ^0^ 09:00-22:00! Don't wanna miss a thing! Yesterday me and cute-Saori went for dinner and karaoke! Great fun and we were even talking about doing this once a week! The pic is of us last Friday, when we randomly wore the same kinda clothes: grey skirt over blue jeans, + high boots! Okies, gotta rush now!!!
/ Kumako

05.12.11 Sunday

Jinn played at club Asia last night at a slighly outstanding event: System Hardcore. Robot fights, karatechno, S&M show etc... Two men actually strapped themselves up in home made mobile-suits and fought until one of the robots broke down and the man riding it were taken out... hmm.... ^^;;; Anyways, after Jinn's live was finished, we were both called up on the stage where they made a toast to our marriage and presenting us with a big bottle of champagne!! Kya!! What a wonderful surprise!!!! THANK YOU!! / Kumako

05.12.06 Tuesday

Today was a big day for me and Jinn...
The ceremony itself will be held somewhere next spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom!! kyaaaaaaa!!! This is truly the best decision I've done in my whole life!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier or more comfortable in this relationship.


shiawase!! / Kumako
PS. My surname will change to "Yagi"! ;)

05.12.01 Thursday

But I somehow managed to upload the December goodies! =9 BIG thanks to Ben Frost for joining the kumako Guest Artist gallery! ...and kumako.se is featured in the "Lost at E Minor" art-magazine (issue 45). It's midnight, the first of December in Tokyo right now. Tomorrow is a BIG day! More about this and a lot more later this week!
Gotta get some sleep now! =9

enjoy your stay! / Kumako