06.02.25 Friday

Spring is slowly but sure making its way to Japan! ^0^ Sweet!! Right now we're sitting here with invitations and preparations for the wedding. ^-^ I'm also making a special info-site to cover our wedding in Kyoto! Maps, travel options, locations, rentals etc. All to make it a little easier for people to get ready! Getting a little curious what happen to this months issue of Riot magazine. I'm supposed to be in the Feb/March issue. =9 *excited*

06.02.21 Tuesday

Oh My Gaaaawddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got really bad news this morning!
There is talk about closing LYDMAR HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.o;;;;;;
The very heart of Stockholm!! A place where I've enjoyed tons of outstanding art and live performances!

Sign the petition NOW
! (; 0 ;)

SAVE LYDMAR!! +0+; / Kumako

06.02.14 Tuesday

!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Made my first set of chocolate truffles for my hunnie today! *uhihi*

What are you giving your hunnie?

choco*kiss! / Kumako

06.02.13 Monday

WOW! Busy bee again lately! Looking for the place to hold our Tokyo wedding party! ^0^ The real ceremony and party will be held in Kyoto of course as planned, but for the friends who can't make it all the way to Kyoto we will have a second stage party in Tokyo too! ^w^ Found two really promising places today!! BTW, while taking a break we hit a pretty cool hawaiian restaurant & bar! They even had a live act with a pretty hula dancer!! I wanna go back to Hawaii soooo bad!! Honeymoon? ^w^ In love! / Kumako

06.02.06 Monday

Yaaaaay! Got the HOT ROD I'm in today!!!! *^0^* I thought I would get 2 pages but it ended up being 10!!! Soooo happy!!! The pics are taken with my mobile-cammy and shows:
Me with Kandi in a bunny hat, me and my Jinn, view outside a taxi window, me in a fitting room, my Kumako doodle from a lunch break, my TV while watching the launch of the space shuttle Discovery, YMCK playing live, banana candy from a summer festival and Star Wars cornflakes in my kitchen. ^w^
Yatta! / Kumako

06.02.05 Sunday

Went to a lovely house party yesterday at Mako's place! *^0^* Once again it was nabe time! *lol* Can't get enough of it! ^w^ When it was time for desert, they started singing the wedding fanfare and had me and Jinn cut the cake! ^0^ Such a sweet surprise!!!!!!!
Thank you everybody!!! When the house-party was over me and Jinn ended up going to Hello Kitty Karaoke for a couple of hours before we made our way home!!! Mouse over for a pic inside the Kitty karaoke room! *hehe*
Happy Bear! / Kumako

06.02.02 Thursday

Had our first home-cooked dinner at our new house yesterday!! Up until yesterday we were still unpacking so we either ate out or ordered something. (They guys at Pizza Hut knows us pretty well by now. *lol* ^0^)
BUT, yesterday was different! We had a Ponzu seafood & tofu nabe! The best thing you can eat in winter-Japan!! Mouse-over to see a close-up piccie of our nabe! *^w^* yum...
Getting back to work now... Still a lot of web editing to do! *excited*
yummy yum yum! / Kumako

06.02.01 Wednesday

New month and a new layout! Still working on some stuff so bear with me for a while! But I do have a few goodies too offer! Wallpaper and such! ^-^v Last but not least; don't forget to say hi to this month's guest artist, British Andy Smith! Sitting here now eating melon bread and am so happy to have all this wonderful artists all over the world arranging my lil Kumako!!! *^0^* ...and there's much more to come! THANK YOU ALL ^0^)/!
Freshly squeezed!

/ Kumako