06.03.27 Monday

Speaking of Disney...
I just found this (see pic) today!!! It says "Barber Mickey", or Mikki to be precise. But who cares, what matters is that the illustration is hillarious! A poorly drawn Mickey with eyes going in two different directions.
( Mouse over to get a closer look! *hehe*)

Time for beddy-bye bye now!

grrowl! / Kumako

06.03.22 Wednesday

Made a spontanious trip to Tokyo Disney Land yesterday with my hubbie! ^0^ They're having this event called Princess Days going on right now, and the special parade is filled with roses that actually SMELL of some kinda crazy perfume!!!!!!!!!!! *hehe* When they pass the atmosphere is filled with this fake flower fragrance, which turnes the whole place into a lovely pink rush! Speaking of pink, the first Sakura-blossoms are in full bloom at Disney Land's toon town area!! Amazingly beautiful!!
Kya kya! / Kumako

06.03.21 Tuesday

Yep yep, I know... I've been a little absent since the release of FFXII! ^-^;; *heheh* Truly an amazing game! Me and Jinn are also preparing for April the 1st! NO, it's not joke or prank or anything! You'll see... *^.^* A new me and a slightly new Jinn will be born!
Today we got two fantastic wedding-gifts sent to us!! (see pic) There's a plate-set underneath this top layer, all designed by Mr. Kita! The other gift is a spoon-set designed and handmade by Mr. Watabe!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! ^0^ Happy*day! / Kumako

06.03.16 Thursday

Finally! Today Final Fantasy 12 was released in Japan!!! Been waiting too long for this one! The opening credits sure makes me wonder if it's a movie or a game... amazing! I must admit though that I have a little problem with the character design... especially the lead, "Van". He looks like he's having a really bad hangover with bags under his eyes... Fran is cool though, AND, the battle system is AWESOME!!!!! A little tricky to get used to in the beginning but once you get a hang of it you're hooked! Happy*Meow! / Kumako

06.03.14 Tuesday

Been down with a cold this weekend. Meaning: bear*sleep and good movies when awake. Howl's moving castle, Neverland & Team America. *hehehe* Cured with laughter & happiness. Yesterday me and Jinn were interviewed about how it is living in Tokyo etc. by this very friendly animation team from Sweden. We later ended up at this place called "The lockup" in Shibuya! It's restaurant/bar in the settings of an underground prison. ^0^; A must see if you come to Tokyo. too weird! ;)
/ Kumako

06.03.08 Wednesday

Is it just me getting all silly*excited about the release of Final Fantasy XII the 16th this month? (This one took way too long...) Anyways, yesterday they released a new energy-drink here in Japan to honour this new game!! POTION!!! *lol* Of course I HAD to try it... it was released yesterday on the market but I didn't find it anywhere... until tonight! What was less exciting was the taste of it... Oh my gaaaaaaawd! Did they really have to put this mideval flavour to it??!?!?! well well...
/ Kumako

06.03.05 Sunday

Today me, Jinn, Manami and her boi had a double date!! ^0^ We had dinner and some drinks at this crazy place "Arabian Rock" with characters from Disney's version of Alladin dwelling around! Freaky but a lot of fun! *hehe* ^^;;
What we didn't know was that sweet sweet Manami had secretly arranged a little wedding*cake surprise for us!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH MANAMI!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you two at the wedding!!
/ Kumako

06.03.04 Saturday

Just got back from a date with my Jinn. Took a lil boat ride to Odaiba to enjoy some shopping and see the movie-version of "Narnia", which was opening today in Japan. We also made a visit to the petshop they have out there, where we totally fell in love with this black and brown baby chiuaua! *^w^* We ended up buying a pair-look rhinestone collars for mugi and Kandi! I also bought a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt thingie for Kandi but I should've known she'd refuse wearing it... ^^;; I'll try again...
Brrrmeow! ^w^
/ Kumako

06.03.01 Wednesday

Already March... time is really flying away!! ^0^; We're still in the preparation stage for the wedding. *happiiii* *^0^* The left pic is of me when I was around 4-5? years old. Right now we're collecting old piccies to make our profile video to be shown at the wedding banquet! Speaking of "profile video"... yesterday me and Jinn got a really sweet offer to be in a... maybe I shouldn't talk about this just yet... Sooo, more about this later! ;)
enjoy the updates!

/ Kumako