06.04.28 Friday

Today I got invited to join this new cool character community called MOJIZU, which I did. ^0^ This far I only submitted Kumako herself, mainly because I want to see what kind of feedback I get. Already a few votes!! If you like Kumako, go vote! pretty please! ^0^
http://www.mojizu.com/ (Search for Kumako)

Tomorrow we're having the Tokyo wedding party!!! ^0^ All excited now!! Check back for more details later on!
Gao gao!
/ Kumako

06.04.26 Wednesday

Sis went home today!!! ;_; We saw her off at 7-ish this morning. Half-asleep and still wearing my pajamas underneath the jacket! ^-^;;; On top of that I got a slight cold going on. Better get well before Saturday. We were supposed to do our live at the party but with this husky voice right now we're not going nowhere... Hope people will understand...
Also hope my darling*sis gets a real nice flight home!!! 12 + 2 hours back... (The pic was taken last night in Shibuya!)
Miss you sis!
/ Kumako

06.04.25 Tuesday

Me and Jinn attended our first wedding party together today! It was a blast dressing up and seeing my Jinn in a nice suit!! ;) The couple who got married are both working as managers for major artists here in Japan, and these two, "Bonnie Pink" and "Ulfuls", made special live performances in the end of the party!!! The food was great too! For me and Jinn this was not only just a party, but also a study in how a Japanese wedding party could be like ^_-v We're having our Tokyo wedding party on Saturday! Tanoshimi!! / Kumako

06.04.23 Sunday

Just got back from a lovely course-dinner with
Mama, Papa, godmother Kickie, Stina, Jinn and our dear friend Saori!! It was the last night for mom, dad & Kickie so we took them out!! The staff at the restauran was super-nice and answered to all our selfishness... (Sorry about that!!) Thanks also for bringing additional free stuff just by overhearing our conversation about things we like!! Amazing!! Oh! and this is really freaky: One part of the interior was a design by Jinn's mom!!! A piece called "Garbo". LOVE! / Kumako

06.04.22 Saturday

Today we all went to Disney Sea!! It was kinda tricky keeping track of four people except for ourselves but we all had a wonderful time with all the coasters and shows. and we all got addicted to the caramel popcorn... My dentist will hate me now. ^-^;; Tomorrow is the last day for my parents and godmother here in Japan so we're planning a nice dinner for them. ^0^v I'll also get some piccies from the wedding tomorrow morning by post so keep those eyes peeled this coming week.
Happi*wappi / Kumako

06.04.17 Monday



More updates and piccies later on!!!

/ Kumako

06.04.14 Friday

Long time no see... going to Kyoto now to get married on Sunday!!!!

More when I get back on Monday! ^0^


/ Kumako

06.04.08 Saturday

Went to Ueno park and Asakusa today! ^0^ The Sakura-blossoms are almost all gone here in Tokyo but we did manage to find a few trees! ;) ><;;; Such a shame they only last a week or so... Anyways, after the picnic we went straight to Asakusa to find something called "Juzu". For those who don't know, it's the band you exchange in the buddhist wedding ceremony. I will make a small report about all this after the wedding. More about all this later!! Time to get back to work now...
/ Kumako

06.04.03 Monday

*Yaaaay* We're in Kyoto now! Great weather, great mood! *^0^* Started the day picking out the wedding-kimono (Shiromuku) + wig, then dashed out to the temple the ceremony is to be held for a final meeting. Later that evening we tried the food that is to be served at the wedding-party. WOW! They actually made Swedish food!! And it tastes like it should!! Even better! *hehe* Tomorrow we're having a few more meetings before hitting home to Tokyo. Sorry about the delays...
You are my sunshine!
/ Kumako

06.04.02 Sunday

Live finished! Yup me and Jinn had our first live together at a club called Vuenos in Shibuya! I never thought I would do something like this! *hehe* But I tried and it went ok I guess! We even got an offer to play at another event after getting off stage, but had to say no 'cause it's the same day as our Tokyo wedding party! Hope there will be more offers later on! Tonight we're taking off to Kyoto to have some final meetings before the wedding! ^0^ Back on Wednesday morning! *toodeeloo* tra la la! / Kumako

06.04.01 Saturday

New month, New content! (still some stuff to add though...) Did my hair today... Bright strawberry brown! yay! Thank you Yukari!!!!! THANKS also for the cute cute cute wedding gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight me and Jinn are having a big night coming up! ^0^; All about it tomorrow when things calm down! *hehe* I have somewhere I have to be right now so enjoy the updates and stay happy!
Yes! I'm getting married this month!!!
Freshly squeezed!
/ Kumako