06.05.30 Tuesday
Hellos! Today we have 26 degrees celcius in Tokyo! *Yeeeeeeeeeey* Summer is here! (First the rainy season will come though...) Still haven't been able to get away on honeymoon... No response from the company yet... I guess that trying to get time off after golden week finished is impossible!!! >,<;;;; But we might just do the weekend thing until we finally can get some vacay! Lately I'm getting more active at MOJIZU! It's a new character community! All FREE of course!
sunny*kiss! / Kumako

06.05.29 Monday
Got a supercute postcard from my friend (actually January 2006's guest artist) Yuri today! She even drew a caricature of me and Jinn along with a lovely message! Sweet as she is she flew in and attended our Kyoto Wedding! Thank you so much Yuri!!!

Also, I know it's late but I just want to say that if you didn't see the Tim Burton movie "BIG FISH" yet, DO IT!!!!!! ^0^ Such an adorable and warming movie!! ...with a twist! ;)
Happy*bear! / Kumako

06.05.27 Saturday

Happy 9 months together!
Raining outside, but still sunshine in my heart! *^0^* Today we went to a museum a bit outside Tokyo. This place holds a memorial exhibition of the brilliant multi-artist Taro Okamoto! Sooo amazing! On our way there we coincidentally met our friends Matsu-You and Asuka so we decided to have dinner when we got back to town! We ended up at a cozy Yakitori place in Shibuya. Sooo yummy!! Now we're back home about to see a movie...
doki doki!
/ Kumako

06.05.25 Thursday

Was shopping today like crazy! Only bargains though so dun worry!! ;)
Sooo much cute stuff to get over here! EVERYWHERE!!!
I'm going to start a new special section here at kumako.se called "Kumako Select"! Hand picked items from Tokyo with luv! ^0^ Starting June? *excited* Mainly it will be me picking stuff I find cool, but if there's some request please don't hesitate to mail to: select@kumako.se Can't wait!!
/ Kumako

06.05.21 Sunday

...let's just say that due to today's events I got some great material for my upcoming Kumako-manga.
What I do wonder though is: why do all weird stuff always have to happen to me?!?? ... After I met Jinn things got much better but still weird things happens every once in a while. This story involves one crazy theatre-group and... well keep those eyes peeled! ^^;;;
Dareka tasukete...!
/ Kumako

06.05.20 Saturday

Yesterday was one of my best friend's birthday party! ^0^ What an awesome party and what a place!! People who love David Lynch (people like me!) just have to visit here when visiting Tokyo! It's called the TRUMP ROOM and the ceiling is smacked with chandeliers, while the walls are clad with antique mirrors and reindeer heads... *eheheh* Thanks for a superb party!!!! After that me and Jinn ended up singing karaoke until morning. *lol* Finally an all-nighter! ;)
Luv you Zanna!
/ Kumako

06.05.16 Tuesday

Hallo hallo!! Today it's exactly one month since we had our wedding ceremony in Kyoto!! ^0^
One month of pure love and happiness. Hopefully we'll get ourself out on honeymoon starting next Wednesday! (Trying to take some days off right now... ^w^;;;)
To honour the day I added (66!!!) i-shots to the piccie*gallery so take a look >> here if you have a little more time to spare! There will be a more detailed wedding photo-gallery coming up a.s.a.p.! Keep those eyes peeled!
I luv my hubbie*Jinn!
/ Kumako

06.05.14 Sunday

Today is Mothers Day in Japan!!

As far as I know mothers day in Sweden is the last Sunday of May, but since I got two mommies now after getting married maybe it's good to have two days to celebrate! ^0^v

Hope you'll get a great day today mum!!!

I luv my Mama*bear! / Kumako

06.05.13 Saturday

Yesterday I celebrated my darling Jinn's birthday! ^0^ Wonderful and relaxed + the best food in a long while! Started off with champagne and oysters! *mwehehe* Gotta luv it!!! This place we went is called Rainbow Roll Sushi and has is main restaurant in New York. It's a must visit if you come to Tokyo! Located in Azabu Juuban, close to Roppongi Hills. Remember to try the DRAGON ROLL! =*9 Yummy...

Happy birthday again! / Kumako

06.05.12 Friday


The fun starts at 19:00 tonight!
Meow meow!! *^w^* / Kumako

06.05.11 Thursday

Yet another happy gift through mail arrived this morning!! The original artwork by this month's guest artist: Julia Kuhl!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!
Thanks also for putting a lot of energy and heart on the wrapping!!! So cute!! WOW!

Tomorrow is my Jinn*hunnie's birthday!!
...and I'll do my best to make it a day to remember! Meow!!

Excited!! ^0^ / Kumako

06.05.10 Wednesday

Today I got a suprise in the mail!!! Kakkokawaii Rei from work sent me a gift from IKEA!!! IKEA opened here in Japan on the 24th of April! ^0^ I haven't had the chance to go there yet but I certainly will!!! She got me this night lamp called "MAMMUT"! Too cute!!

Thank you sooo much Rei!!!!!!!!!

VIVA IKEA! / Kumako

06.05.07 Sunday

Been out shopping a birthday pressie for my hubbie today! ...and also took the chance to have the glitter sculp-nails removed. Woooow! That was a thing I dun really wanna experience again!!!! They made me put my nails into this toxic waste (well, at least it felt like it ^^;) for 10 minutes and it started to melt the sculp*material... After this nail*bath from hell it looked just like everything, including my real nails, had melted away. What a shock! My nails are so short now... Never again! @x@;;; / Kumako

06.05.06 Saturday

Today Jinn was DJing at Vuenos! I was supposed to have sung tonight but feeling a bit sick made me cancel this time. Next time we'll be back as planned. With more songs too! *hehe* After the event me, Jinn and our friends Matsu-You & Asuka went for late dinner and drinks! These two cuties have an even cuter dog!!! This little fellow knows tricks and totally LOVES everything and everyone!!! Awesome! I'm a cat*person but this cutie totally made me wanna get a dog!!! NOW! ;D Happy*cute! / Kumako

06.05.05 Friday

I cleared Final Fantasy 12 this morning at 4:27!!! *yaaaaaaaaaay* ^0^v
This boss was pretty tough but luck and a little bit of technique made it possible already at the first try!!! I was actually just looking for a saving point when I suddenly bumped into the last boss-fights and ooops! I cleared it...?! I thoughtt I needed to level up more but somehow I just made it... The best of it all was that I played it on the 80 inch projector screen! Wish this would have been possible when I was a kid. *hehe* Falam! / Kumako

06.05.02 Tuesday

Today me and Jinn took a trip to a electronic shop where we ended up riding this "horse"-thingie!! It's a new form of exercise machine for hips and waist and it feels just like your out on a horse-back ride! Mouse over for a close-up! ;) It's just hilarious and I even ended up loosing my train-pass from my back pocket while riding this darn pony! *hehe* How crazy is that? Last day before golden week!! We'll be off until next Monday and we're just about to put on a dvd to celebrate our new projector!! Holiday! / Kumako

06.05.01 Monday

Before you know it it's a new month again...
This weekend me and Jinn rounded up the wedding celebrations at Velours in Aoyama! We really had a wonderful time there thanks to good friends and a little bit of luck! ^-^ Now we're back on earth (I think) and started to prepare for our next live on Saturday... can't wait to get some free time to go to honeymoon... *hehehhe*
Enjoy the updates until next time... ^0^
Freshly squeezed!
/ Kumako