06.06.30 Thursday
Had a lovel time with the artists and crew of the movie Tokyo 0,00005! From the left Koutaku (painter & guest artist June 2005), Kuske (upper left corner) part of the band Kplecraft, Jinn (great artist + my husband ^_-), Me, Midori and Yokemura from the cutie*lovely band YMCK and Peder one of the three creators of the movie! WOW!!!
This movie rocked us all!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^v
Big Thanks to Peder for the DVD and for letting us join your fun!
Yap yap!! / Kumako

06.06.28 Wednesday
Today was a berry berry special day!!!

Today was the day I finally met Amber, a dear online friend and penpal of mine, who I met nearly 10 years ago! She's here to study Japanese for around 2 months and it was just great hanging out! We did some cute shopping at Kiddy Land in Harajuku, paid a visit to the Blythe exhibition at the Spiral in Omotesando, and finally had a light dinner in Shibuya! See you next week hun!! ^0^v
Happi*wappi!! / Kumako

06.06.27 Tuesday
Got my Hello Kitty Yukata yesterday!! Everything was neatly wrapped up in separate kitty bags and boxes! (The skirt might be a little outrageous but it's ok! ^0^) The kitty obi (belt) is reversable pink and white which makes it even more fun to tie it! Need some more practise though... Oh! and today, 3 days after I got the DS my brain-age has gone down to 21 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How nice is that?! Maths and kanji you name it! Everything is soo smooth now. Should have got this game ages ago! Happy*meow!! / Kumako

06.06.24 Saturday
Today we spent the whole day in Akihabara! The main reason was to get our hands on the new Nintendo DS lite! And so we did! ^0^v WOOOOW! This lil machine is toooooo cool!!! Couldn't wait til we got home so we stopped by a cafe and started gaming away. We got the "New Super Mario Bros", "Animal Forrest" and a game to get your brain in shape! Trying this last mentioned game made me realize that I need to do just so... gaaaah... no more lazy*bum stuff! kore kara da!!!
Feeling slow... / Kumako

06.06.23 Friday
Me and Jinn went to the MEDICOM TOY 10th year anniversary party today!! My dear friend Mako, the designer of the original Bearbrick, showed us around and we finally got to know the whole secret story of the birth of the Bearbrick figure! ehehe... Oh, BTW!
This time the souvenir was super deluxe style! one Star Wars Kubrick, mini bearbrick mascot, maffy yum yums and a special edition book with ALL the 800 bearbrick designs neatly presented! WOW WOW WOW!
Happy 10th! / Kumako

06.06.22 Thursday
Spent over 1h at the bank today... When I first came to Tokyo I made an account, which I still use, BUT! Back then my kanji skills were poor so this lady filled it out for me. She then asked me to read out my name and the katakana she matched for it is too hilarious to even mention! So today I changed the old spelling, my address, made a new cash card + a new bank book and even applied for a VISA-cashing card! Applying for the card = getting disney goods! Usually you CHOOSE 1, but I got all 3 for some reason!! Lucky! / Kumako

06.06.21 Wednesday
Was out for dinner with cute Saori tonight!! ^w^ We went to the curry place we LOOOOOOOOVE! Dipmahal! The curry here is outstandingly good!!!!!!!! And they have sooo many different flavors to choose from! At first glance I must admit that I doubted this restaurant's quality but one try made me totally change my attitude about it! The restaurant is located near the "Yotsuya san choume" on the Marunouchi subway line for those interested! ;) Have a bite!
Yum yum !!
/ Kumako

06.06.20 Tuesday
Nearly 30+C and beautiful sunshine today!!! Summer is finally here for real and that means festivals and fireworks coming up! = I ordered myself a new Yukata, summer kimono!! A purplish-pink Hello Kitty one, with a white obi (kimono belt)!!! *Yaaaaaaa* Can't wait for it to get delivered! I also ordered a jeans skirt while I was at it! Online shopping is truly dangerous! ^_-v Today we're having time in the studio again! Hope all goes well!! Can't wait to get out in the sunshine!!
Meow?! / Kumako

06.06.18 Sunday
Just finished watching Japan vs Croatia...
0-0... ?!
I really wanted them to win...
as for the entire population of Japan!
Today's TV shows have only been about tonight's match! There was even one show about TV-anouncers going to waterfalls in the mountains all over Japan to pray under it. Everything for the victory tonight... maybe it didn't reach Germany...
Next time there's no time to fool around!!
Ganbare Nippon! / Kumako

06.06.17 Saturday
The ZOO in Ueno is soooo nice!!! I even got to see white bears! ^0^ *gao gao* My new favorite animal is the Red Panda!!!! Sooo cute you just wanna take it home! ;) It got really popular here in Japan when one of these lil cuties stood up on his two back-legs for quite a long time!! Oooooh, it was so nice seeing lions and tigers and even gorillas close up!!!!!
Sadly we missed the Hippos and Giraffes because of some sort of "lunch break".
Gao gao! / Kumako

06.06.16 Friday
Tasted the new Pepsi last night! "Pepsi Red"! A slight taste of cinnamon makes the name Pepsi a whole lot more interesting! *hehe* Usually I don't like pepsi at all but this was pretty cool! And on top of it all: the colour is really RED!! Tomorrow me and Jinn are going to the Zoo in Ueno!! Haven't been there even once yet so I'm mighty excited! ^0^v I think we're also seeing the Da Vinci Code tomorrow. Late, but we've been busy! ;) Hope it's good! It's soo hyped here so it better be...
Mjau! / Kumako

06.06.13 Tuesday

Hellos! Updated the i-shot gallery right now with 20 new piccies! Most of them were taken in Hokkaido last weekend.
Today the wedding album arrived!!! 3 pages with 4 photos that was taken by the proffesional photographer team that stayed with us during our very important day. This snap with my cell-phone doesn't do the picture justice but we we're both stunned by the quality of this album!! If you need a wedding photographer in Kyoto ask Studio Creare!!
/ Kumako

06.06.11 Sunday

Just got back from Hokkaido! The flight was a little turbulent so I can't say I wanna step my foot into a plane for a while... >,<; Hokkaido was truly a bliss!!! The food is GREAT! Especially for me who LOVE sushi and sashimi and don't eat any meat except for chicken sometimes... We had a dinner at one of the best sushi restaurants there is! Big thanks to Keiko who took such great care of us!!! Now we're both about to fall asleep in front of the computer so I better stop it here for now...
/ Kumako

06.06.09 Friday

We're in Hokkaido to see the Yosakoi Soran festival!! Jinn made a track for one of the teams and we both got invited to come here and enjoy the festival!!! Today we went to this awesome spa after a day's visit to Isamu Noguchi's Moerenuma Park a bit outside Sapporo! Yet another MUST see if you come to Japan!!!! You rent a bicycle for 200 yen (2 hours) and then you're set to explore the whole park!! FOR FREE! Jinn's mother was this artist's apprentice once which made this visit even more exciting. WOW!! / Kumako

06.06.04 Monday

Had so much fun with dear sweet Manami yesterday! Festival, beer, sushi delivery and muffins! *hehehe* It was suppose to be raining but instead the sky cleared up and we got hot hot hot sunshine all day!!!
Also! the track made for Saturday's live will be up soon! *hehehehe* I'm not fully satisfied with my part of the performance but I'll see to it that we get some more hours in the studio! This far we only did 4 hours in total...
Vi ses!!
/ Kumako

06.06.03 Sunday

A beautiful wedding-gift arrived the other day!!! Two amazing art pieces from Skansen, Sweden!!! They got stuck in the Japanese customs for a while but lyckily arrived safely!!!
We love them!!!! ^0^)/
Today Manami is coming over to our house to hang out! ^0^ There's a festival going on in a shrine nearby so we'll check that out too! Festival music can be heard outside and it's a beautiful sunny day! Summer is here!!!
Tralala / Kumako

06.06.02 Friday

Tomorrow me and Jinn will hold our second live at Vuenos in Shibuya (Part of Club Asia for those who know their way around here) A report from our last live is finally up on the Link-id website for those who are interested:
The site is in Japanese only but they left great feedback for me, who only just begun this whole singing thingie! I'll try my best not to mess up tomorrow. *ehhehehehe* We just got back from the studio now so I better get ready for beddy*bye*bye! Good night!! / Kumako

06.06.01 Thursday

Lovely day, lovely new month!
This morning I had a deadline for a book cover! Can't tell you much about this just yet but it turned out pretty good I think. ^-^; An upcoming project that got a little delayed but hopefully it will be released next spring! More about this when I may speak about it! *excited* This month I did a lot of changes in the contents so please have a look around! ^-^ Make sure to check the new awesome guest artist too!!! okies, buh buh!
Freshly squeezed! / Kumako