06.07.24 Monday

Got a nice package from my dear friend Sayaka. She discovered this superb-tasting WASABI NORI so she had to let me try it she said! As a bonus she sent tons of Japanese candy!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SAYAKA!! Got a little "homesick" there... London is nice but very expensive... a sushi set is around 10 pounds (if you're lucky) and it tastes likae X@>!"*;+... BTW! Something really unpleasant happend today... The postman who delivered this box gave me a sudden kiss on my left cheek!!! shocking... Bleh... / Kumako

06.07.22 Saturday

Went shopping for shoes today with my Jinn!
I got myself a pair of Stella mcCartney designed adidas! A little bit expensive but they're worth every penny! They're sooo light your whole body feels relieved walking in them! Not just pure fashion! Gotta luv adidas!
Oh, and today it finally rained in London!!!!!
Since we arrived here on the 10th it's been BURNING sunshine EVERY single day so the rain today was truly a bless!!!! Almost wish for more rain tomorrow. ^_-v
Imse vimse spindel...
/ Kumako

06.07.20 Thursday

Yesterday was the hottest day in England since 1911!!! 36.3 degrees celcius... For me living in Tokyo for over 5 years it seems just normal but I guess I was wrong... And it WAS hot! Even for me...
GAAAAAAAAH! Still waiting for the internet to be connected at home... I sometimes use this internet cafe 15 minutes walk from the house but it's pretty scary... don't want to go into details but I can't wait for us to get online in our own house... I miss my Kandi....
Mooooooh / Kumako

06.07.16 Sunday

Spent some quality time in Hyde Park yesterday! ^0^ Took some piccies at the Peter Pan statue, ate bbqed corn with beautiful swans playing in front of us, and in the middle of it all there's a memorial fountain to honour the late Princess Diana! Children were playing in the water and running around happily as ever can be! Such a nice place!!! The continued sunny weather is amazing!! No rain since we got here on the 10th!
Love love love!
/ Kumako

06.07.14 Friday

We've had an awesome start with superb weather and happy time here this far in London!! ^0^
Plus!! Yesterday we found and moved in to our new apartment!!!! Soooo beautiful with our own private terass!! We share this house with a Japanese doctor! ^_^v Safe! Yes!
I just got a preview of this new magazine I'll be in sometime soon! Looks nice!! More about this later!! Have a happy*weekend!!
even more Hugs from London!!
/ Kumako

06.07.11 Tuesday

First day and I already found and bought a new favorite!!! This pink Paul's Boutique BAG!!
I even got myself a discount on it, because I made a complaint about some small (tiny, yes!) marks on it. ^0^ Lucky!!!
What hit me the most with this bag is the My Little Pony patch!!! Too cute and nostalgic! One thing that wasn't too good today was the sushi I had for lunch... OMG! I thought I would die!!
Anybody have any good sushi places to recommned?? How will I survive here...
Please?! / Kumako

06.07.10 Monday

Just a quick notice to all my dear ones:

Me and Jinn made it to London safely this morning!! Haven't slept since Sunday so I'm quite exhausted, but I will get back to the updates asap!

Our new start has begun!!!

Big Hugs from London!!
/ Kumako

06.07.07 Friday

Moved Wednesday, went to Kyoto the same evening, and now we're in Kobe since last night! Tight schedule! Yes! Today I got this really nice mascara in the post that my friend Matsu-You produced! It's AWESOME!!! And it is said to hold a formula that makes your eyelashes grow!!!!!! ^0^ Who knows, I might look like some 70's manga figure in a couple of months. *LOL* Speaking of which, Maetel from Galaxy Express 999 is doing a CM for the drink DAKARA right now. See picture! ;)
Love!! / Kumako

06.07.02 Sunday

Everything got decided today so I'll just break the news:
Yes, due to Jinn's music studies we are bound for London the 9th this next Sunday!!! 1 more week in Japan!!! Hard to believe but I am seeing this as a new positive start, and we'll live in Japan ever after this anyways so...
Well, that was the news! ^w^v Gotta get back to packing this place up now! *eeeep*
Buzy*bee! / Kumako

06.07.01 Saturday

Still a lot of updates to take care of during today... This weekend is crazy-buzy but I hope to get this done asap!

I will have a big announcement coming up on Monday or so!

Until then, don't forget to check out this month's guest artist TOM!! WOW!! Thanks so much for joining the Kumako*project!!!!

Freshly squeezed! / Kumako