Famous Japanese giant seal?! This clip was shot with my mobile cammy during the morning news here in Tokyo! You can also hear Kandi say "meow" after 13 seconds! *lol* Just arrived home from the Star Wars ep III Countdown Event here! It was 06:55 a.m. and me + 48 members of the "Little Falcon" had totally taken over a karaoke place til dawn! *lol* Me and Jinn are going berserk on the freshly taken purikura*stickers at a game center in the heart of Kyoto!
Ehrm... ^x^;;
Kandi, A LOT bigger... but still a baby deep inside. ^_-v
Here with a little weird meowing going on!
Bored me, with a bad-hair day, no make-up, and a cold which made me close to loosing my voice. *lol* Kandi sleeping!
She's just like me in the morning; wake up once (still with one foot in the dream world) and then falls right back to sleep...