Me and Saori running in the pouring rain. Unexpectedly the sky fell down over us. But it was just fun! *hehe* This is what you see when you try to make your way through the never-ending street in the Shibuya crossing. ^x^; Phew... Me and my dear cat "Kandi". She's only around 8 weeks old in this movie-clip and she's slightly upset with me because I don't have any mama-milk to offer her... (not from my neck at least...) =)

Me, at a first attempt to catch a goldish at a festival in Tokyo July 2006! Didn't go to well at this first try, but on the second one I catch a teenie weenie one! *lol* Jinn tried too and caught 3! umm... ^w^;

Mad-Man dancing in the streets of Stockholm...

Shot during a visit now in September 2006 so I bet you can still get a sneekapeek of him!
Me at Toni&Guy getting a cut and blow from my great lil sis Stina!

You're the BEST!!