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Name:Shuji Suzuki [Plamo]
Age & Nationality: 29, Japanese
Occupation:clayer / musician
Hobbies:collecting late 70s-80s manga
Likes: built-in speakers, marsupials
Dislikes: mass games, psp
Eats: shingen mochi
Drinks: water

Webpages: [currently under construction]
Carreer  span:
*ongoing freelance
*character design for parco, tokyo
*cover illustration for "busu no hitomi ni koi shiteru", manga sequel by gataro man + osamu suzuki

Current project:
April 2007: Art exhibition in the event "I am 8 bit" in Los Angeles.




Background story:

"I got discovered by an editor for a Japanese magazine when I released my first album in 1998 with the cover I made completely out of clay. This led to my clay-illustrator debut. Right now my main working area is for childrens magazines.
Everything is self learned and I'm still "studying" as of today.

Future dream:

"making a decent living "

Favorite artist:

"yoko shima, moa anada, lala miyoshi, miyo abo, reiko motoyama, haruko tachiiri, makoto mio etc etc "

Message to young artists:

"thanking you heaps ganbatte kudasai!
come visit my myspace page!" =)
-Shuji Suzuki
, January 2007
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