05.11.29 Tuesday

Party again at Velours!
This time it was a private party of Patricia Field and DKNY! The souvenir for this party was a DKNY-watch! ...but for some reason there was only men's watches available... hmm... The box it came in was super-nice though. Maybe I'll just use that one for something else instead. *lol* Anyways it was a great party and I enjoyed it to the fullest! =9
Thanks to Satoshi and my sweet Jinny!

meow! / Kumako

05.11.27 Sunday

Been sleeping all day today. *lol* Last night me and Jinn + friends went to the "Black List" party at Velours in Aoyama. Close to the old Model Agency I used to work for. Made me feel a little nostalgic. hehe. Anyways, the party was great and I meet a few peeps I haven't met in a while! Today I'm gonna prepare some stuffies for a certain magazine! More about this further on! ^0^ I also have a few more diary entries to add! Much happening right now. And it makes me feel great inside!!
Luv xoxo / Kumako

05.11.22 Tuesday

Star Wars Episode III was delievered one whole day earlier than the release date here in Japan!! *lucky* We're gonna watch it tonight, which will make it my 5th time if you count in the times I saw it at the cinema! *lol* Too bad we didn't buy the surround system yet... Next time yeah! ^_- Also sent in some Kumako work today for publishing in the Feb/March issue of Riot magazine + the lost at E minor mailmaga! Thank you Z! Looking forward to the LAEM art-book too!
MTFBWY. Always. / Kumako

05.11.20 Sunday

Got my hair dyed today! ^0^ It's a greyish dark brown kinda deal. Thank you Yukari!!! Great job as always! =9 (I actually went to _another _ hair salon once and they turned my hair yellowish white so I'm sticking with Yukari ever since then.)
The evening ended with a yummy italian dinner with Jinn & sister Yuna in Naka-Meguro. Sadly I forgot the name of the place... (bad memory bea*bear. yup yup.) Big thanks to Yuna for the lovely dinner and wine! *^0^*
yum yum / Kumako

05.11.18 Saturday

Yesterday me and Jinn finally got to see Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"! Beautiful photography, fantastic actor performances and a soundtrack I simply had to get my hands on. Perfect for the stressful Tokyo life. ;) Another thing that keeps me nice and calm is the x-mas special at Starbucks! hehe. The one and only Ginger Bread Latte!!! This flavour is the reason I started to like coffee at all!! Too bad it's only available during X-mas and New Year!! Miss it already! *hehe*
have a cute weekend / Kumako

05.11.17 Thursday

As you might already know: JAPAN WON yesterday over Angola!!!!!!! ^0^ A goal the last two minutes of the game!!! Talk about nerv-wrecking!! Angola was strong! + They had a few nice chances! Before the kick off, artist Aya Matsuura came out to everyone's surprise to sing the national anthem! Sweet! And the big, blue flag-like thing on the piccie is a huge version of the National team's uniform! Seeing the japanese official supporter team was so heartwarming!! Thanks to Matsushita for the tickets!!! Happiiii! / Kumako

05.11.16 Wednesday

Tonight me and Jinn are going to go see our first LIVE soccer game at the National Stadium!! It's the last for this year and it's Japan vs. Angola!! Super*excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got really nice tickets too! Been a lot of parties this weekend. I'll try to catch up with the diary further on! Monimoni is back in Toyko too which makes things even more fun!! *weeeee* Don't miss the winner of the competition! New one up now too! ;)
Nippon!! Nippon!! / Kumako

05.11.12 Saturday

Last night Jinn*sweetie played at AGEHA!
He surprised us all with a harder set than before and the crowd loved it!!! I felt super*proud!! *^0^* Alec Empire and Mijk van Djik were the main acts ! I truly had an awesome night! Watching Alec Empire round up was like watching a movie, or seeing a really interesting dream. Jinn bribed me with Peko-chan choco lollipops! ...and won! *kawaii* Just gotta luv him! =9 *mwah*

Meowies! / Kumako

05.11.11 Friday

I just heard that there's an interview with me in the new issue of Swedish magazine RESET, released today! The interview took place in Tokyo 05.09.16, a Friday night! Read more in my past diary.

For more info visit the RESET website!

Tonight Jinn's playing live at AGEHA!
Tell you more about it tomorrow! ^0^

Dancing the night away / Kumako

05.11.10 Thursday

Yet another sunny day in Tokyo! Can't believe it's mid november!!! Today I had a lovely lunch with Jinn and his dear mom! She's doing this art collaboration with a french artist to be exhibited at Shinjuku Park Tower starting December! Saw the planning for it today and I'm really looking forward to see the real thing! Today's pic shows the ring I happily received when we visited her house in Kobe! She has the same one herself which makes me all warm and bubbleee inside! Thank You!!
Kuma*kuma / Kumako

05.11.07 Monday

Today's another B-day! My dear Thella is having her birthday today! We went to the same elementary + high school!! Can't wait to see her again and catch up on things!
Today's pic is kinda wacko! *hehe* I bought this Melon-bread before we got on Shinkansen
back to Tokyo and on the back of the wrapping there was a photo of the guy who made that particular one!!! Hilarious!
Can you beat that!?! *lol*
Happy*hugs / Kumako

05.11.03 Thursday

Oh! I completely forgot to tell you about this episode from yesterday! Me and Jinn and Jinn's mother went to this yoga / healing place where you could get your "aura" photographed!!! I was pleased to see that my aura consisted of a lot of different colors!!! *yaaay* And I was told that purple and pink are really rare!!! Unfortunately you can't really see my whole face on the piccie! Just bits and pieces. *lol* Tonight Jinn's live is coming up!
Can't wait! =9 Tomorrow I'm back at work!
Rainbow*luv / Kumako

05.11.02 Wednesday

Busy today but I just wanted to say:

My dear sister turned 24 today!! ^0^)/
Have a cute cute cute day!!!

I miss you sweetie!!!
Much love from Kobe!

Bear*hug!! / Kumako

05.11.01 Tuesday

Kumako.se, freshly squeezed! ;) New guest artist Naomi, wallpaper, i-shots x 21 and other stuffies for you to enjoy! ^-^v I'm still in Kyoto with my sweet sweet Jinny! Jinn has got a live coming up the day after tomorrow at Club Metro. Can't wait to go! =9 *yay* Gotta luv Kyoto! Especially Autumn Kyoto, with all the red colors!! I always have such a lovely time here, and it totally makes me relax. Wish mum and dad could see this! Sweden must be freezing cold right now... *brrr*
Enjoy the updates! / Kumako