06.01.30 Monday

Phew... Moved all day and night Sunday... ^x^; I have too much stuff... and clothes... stuff and clothes that I don't even use anymore but just can't throw away...
Big thanks to Jun and Yoshitaka who helped out big time with the move!!
The pic was taken yesterday while driving near Tokyo Tower! It's soo nice lighting up at night! One time when they had a Pink Ribbon campaign going on here in Tokyo they lit it up in cerise pink!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pinky please! / Kumako

06.01.29 Sunday

Great Jinny*live yesterday at the Vivienne Westwood event! *yay* Also heard rumours that me and Jinn was published in the February edition of GLITTER (Japanese girl's fashion magazine) so we went to check it out!
It was a photo snapped at the VIVA YOU! party last monththat got published without us kowing so! Nice surprise! ^0^ On the same page there was a report on the DKNY party we went to too (in November) but naturally we weren't in two sections! *lol* Funny coincidence though! Viva! / Kumako

06.01.28 Saturday

Did my roots + color today!! Had it dyed dark ash again! Also got it straightened out.

You're the best! *^0^*

Now I just need to get dressed and head off to Shibuya and Vuenos for tonight's VW party + Jinn's live.

Excited! / Kumako

06.01.26 Thursday

Got the key to the new place! *^0^* But because of Jinn's live this Saturday, the move itself is re-scheduled to Sunday!
(Pic) Kandi and Mugi ar spending some time watching the birds outside... they really became best friends fast!! (Lucky us ^-^;;)
BTW! Me and Jinn finished watching season 4 of "24" just now!! WOW!! Toooo curious of what will happen in season 5!!!!!!!! It hasn't been released on rental DVD yet here in Japan!!!I don't know how long I can wait...
Gaaaah! / Kumako

06.01.23 Monday

Spent all day preparing for the move! ^0^v
Kandi is making sure we're not forgetting to take her with us! *lol* She's been hanging around the boxes now for hours!! Poor baby!

Kumako the character has been invited and now published on the CCC website! Take a look at gallery no 05! >> here <<
Also awaiting info from the LAEM artbook and the "Design Warrior" art project! *excited*

Meow meow!
/ Kumako

06.01.22 Sunday

Signed the contract today for the new flat!! Sooo excited to move to a bigger place! *^0^* weeee!! We'll move in mid next week!
This mansion is older than the one we live in right now, but it has a counter kitchen which is really cool and the neighbourhood is sweet! BTW! Found a photo of me and Jinn at the LIN K.ID website! It was taken the 10th of December at the System Hardcore event where Jinn had a live! (See diary entry 05.12.11 for more info and see the actual pic here! (4th from the top) Yay! / Kumako

06.01.21 Saturday

It's snowing in Tokyo!!!!!! @<>@;;;;

This is the first time I've seen this much snow in all my 4 years here!! Feels like I'm back in Stockholm...

I just heard from a friend that Narita Airport are having serious problems with their flights... Hope you'll be ok Beru-chan!! -w-;;

The sky is falling down! / Kumako

06.01.20 Friday

Did some girlie-girl shopping today! Supliment from Pink Cross, 2 sets of nail-art stickies and ... ^-^v The nail-art here really get better and better!! The piccie was taken BEFORE I put on the top coat which explains the "naked" feeling of it. (or is it just me?! ^-^;)
...I've got some big news coming up! I just don't know if we will make it on time since we're moving and stuff but if we make it I will put up something really rare here on kumako.se! kya! *excited*
Kira-kira happy! / Kumako

06.01.19 Thursday

Went to Shinagawa today and while looking for something on the map near the station I spotted this cute lil Godzilla illustration. Kawaii!!!! (Yes it is part of the original map! hehe) It locates the spot of Godzilla's landing!
How cute can you get?!?! *^0^*

Ok, gotta get back to work!
Millions of things to take care of before the weekend! ^w^;

Gao gao! / Kumako

06.01.18 Wednesday

Ok, I'm in it again! The pocky-addiction! ;)
New flavours are popping up like never before and this time it's a super-Japanese one! "Murasaki-imo" mousse pocky! (see pic)
Not too sweet and not too bitter!
Also! We're moving to a bigger place! ^0^ It got decided today! *weee* Things are going well with the kumako renewal-layout too!
Can't wait to get it up an running!!! Oh, and we started watching the fourth season of 24 last night!!! ^0^ High-tension da ne!!! kanari!
pocky pocky pocky! / Kumako

06.01.17 Tuesday

My birthday turned out to be the best one ever!! *^w^* It all started with Jinn taking me to this really sweet french restaurant with absolutely superb food! Then he "kidnapped" me to the next place where 7 of our closest friends gathered as a surprise!!!!!!!! Couldn't get any better! ^0^ After this we took off to a bar near our house and enjoyed the morning hours! ;) Thank You so much for making my day such a special one!! Floating on clouds...
shiawase! / Kumako

06.01.15 Sunday

Gosh! Talk about getting addicted! Me and Jinn have been watching 24 nearly EVERY single night now for 2 weeks. Rental DVD from the local Tsutaya! We're in season III now. Can't believe how I could miss this! *lol* Jack Bauer even entered my dream the other night, and so he did for Jinn! hahahaha! ...and don't ask about the details...
Yesterday we went to Tsukiji for sushi-lunch with Jinn's mama! *yaaay* Nothing beats Tsukiji! Tomorrow's is my B-day... ^o~
Keep me posted!
/ Kumako

06.01.13 Friday

Friday. Last day of the working week! *hehe* Unlike my birthday that happen to be on a Monday this year... (Monday NEXT WEEK for those who don't know) yuk...
I am still working on the renewal of this Kumako site! Hope you'll like it. Hopefully I get everything up and running on the first of February. There's a lot to do when you're working alone...

/ Kumako

06.01.09 Monday

National Holiday today! Coming of Age Day, which means you will see a lot of 20 year old girls in beautiful kimonos today! Wish we had that in Sweden too...
Me and Monimoni had a small farewell party since she's leaving for Sweden the day after tomorrow. :( Started off with shopping, then some shooting games at the SEGA building in Shibuya, then purikura (as you can see on the left pic) and last but not least the dinner + drinks at a nearby izakaya.
Ses snart igen Moni!!
/ Kumako

06.01.04 Wednesday

11:11pm! Just got back from Kobe and Kyoto! ^0^ We decided the place and date for the wedding ceremony earlier today!!!! It will be held in Japan the 16th of April this year!!! *excited*
There will also be a wedding*party in Stockholm this summer. More info as time goes. I am currently in the process of a Kumako Website renewal!!! Keep those eyes pealed! nya!

/ Kumako

06.01.03 Tuesday

I'm in Kobe right now with Jinn and sister Yuna visiting! Today we've been climbing a mountain!!! The picture is taken half-way up where we had a yummy lunch Jinn's mom made for us! ^0^ Enjoying nature, breathing fresh air and getting some well-needed exercise was awesome!!! Remembered me of the times having field-trips in elementary school and junior high. Bring on the marshmallows! =9 *nyaha*
Oh! BTW, I updated the horoscope today!
/ Kumako

06.01.01 Sunday

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! ^0^)/

Parts of this site are still under construction and will be updated as soon as I come back to life. *lol* Going to Kobe tomorrow! Back on the 5th!


/ Kumako