chapter 13  

Can you design / illustrate something for me?
I'm open for requests, and will accept offers whenever I'm between jobs and not too busy with other projects. Pricing depends of the usage of the designs.
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Can I link at my site?
Yes you may. This site is totally link free.
You may use the banners or button below, or make one yourself!

thank you Amber ^0^v
81 x 33
81 x 33
81 x 33
32 x 32

What software do you use?
When I'm doing the Kumako & friends drawings I:
first do a pen sketch
scan it into my computer + set the resolution into 400 pixels or more
trace the outlines in Illustrator
color and do the finishing touches in Photoshop

Trial versions can be downloaded >> here

This homepage was created by Kumako by using Dreamweaver!

Why Kumako?
Whenever I introduce myself as Bea here in Japan, people
always mistake the pronounciation for "BEAR" (="Kuma" in Japanese).
Because of this, people started to call me Kuma-chan, Kumako, Bea-ko etc.

What is the sizing at your CAFEPRESS store?
These were the sizes given to me from cafepress themselves:
(All measurements marked in "INCHES")


(Length x chest)
Sml. Kids 19.75 x 16
Med. Kids 24 x 17
Large. Kids 24.25 x 18
Small 27.5 x 18.25
Medium 29.5 x 21.5
Large 30.25 x 22
X-Large 30.25 x 24.75
XX-Large 30.5 x 27
XXX-Large 31.5 x 28.5
XXXX-Large 33 x 29.5

Babydoll sizes:

(Length x chest)
xsmall - 12.25 x 16.5
small - 13 x 18
Med - 15 x 20
large - 17 x 21

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Would you choose to have 200 small teeth or just 4 big ones??
200 small ones! ;)
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