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H e l l o & W e l c o m e
This site was made to inspire and to get young hard-working artists out in the spotlight! A little tribute to all gals and guys who like to express themself in creative and artistic ways, and a chance to collaborate with this slightly odd Swedish (but more like Japanese) girl who came to be called "Kumako"!

This site was opened on January 1st 2005 and keep on presenting new artists each month, who create their own version of Kumako, the character!

Kumako.se is slowly but sure growing into a world-wide artist gallery

Have a cute day and enjoy the rest of the site!!


Attention puriiiiiiiiiiiisu!
the shop*section is currently taken down due to me being unable to access my stock in Japan. I've been living in London for 14 months and now in Stockholm until February 11th! But! You can still order goodies from my cafePress shop! Here!!


guest artist
New Wallpaper x 2!

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Kumako Interview

more interviews & press HERE!
Kumako by Keiji Gotoh
Pro animator Keiji Gotoh takes Kumako under his wings!
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