chapter 01  

fullname: Beatrice Svensson Yagi
nicknames: KUMAKO, bea*ko, Kuma*chan, kandibee, pixi
nationality: Swedish
family: papa, mama, sis, bro, darling
birthplace: Stockholm, Jan 16th
location: Tokyo & Stockholm
occupation: illustrator / blogger / model / buyer
hobbies: fencing, movies, karaoke, TV-games
pets: kandi & mugi (meow meow) Vanilla (wuf wuf)
fave color: pink
fave food: sushi
speaks & writes: Swedish, English and Japanese

Kumako history

I made my first official Kumako sketch in a hotel Lobby in Tokyo!
Started planning the website immediately!


Jan 1st
Started the Kumako project:
Two feature exhibitions at Artmakers, Stockholm and club
Oo-e, Malmo SwedenSweden
Kumako interviews published in Metro Skane & Metro Stockholm
and in magazine RESET: "Kumako in Tokyo" feature.

Got married to the best guy on earth and put my career on ice for half a year and started an online select shop ( while being bored living in London! *lol*
Interviews for ROCKY and worked on TV-show "Tokyo Superstars".

various secret projects. Keep those eyes peeled! *w* Don't miss Kumako
each month in Shojo Star starting Sept 07! Released by Bonnier Carlsen.
Why "Kumako"?
When I introduce myself as Bea here in Japan, people always mistake the pronounciation for "BEAR" (="Kuma" in Japanese). So naturally people started to call me Kumako and now I use it as my artistname!

So the Kumako character = Bea?

Kumako is kind of the old me...
Actually, I had the same hair-cut and hair color as the Kumako character until I was around 21! I have this really strong interest in the Heian period of Japanese history and one day I decided to cut two bangs like the women did during that era. ^-^v

How old is Kumako?

Kumako doesn`t age anymore! She stopped her ageing process on her 20th birhday when she drank a bottle of Rainbow Milk...

Name: Kumako
Age: Forever youngô
Birthday: Jan 16th
Bubble baths and TV-games
Early winter mornings
Hobbies: fencing, fashion
Eats: honey toast & pink cotton candy
strawberry latte

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DN pa Stan Feature Interview! Published on p.4 -04.08.05 (Swedish)
Metro Skane Feature Interview! Published on 05.04.22 (Swedish)
Metro Sthlm Feature Interview! Published on 05.04.25 (Swedish)
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