chapter 11  

Yes! I luv Tokyo!
Over 5 years here and it's still not enough to see it all! HUGE! New places pop up as mushrooms does in the woods! ...and at what speed!?!! @w@;;;

Due to TONS of e-mails asking about where to go in Tokyo etc, I decided to sum up a few goodies on these pages for your upcoming Tokyo trip!

What you will love most about it is probably the friendliness, that everywhere you go is SUPERCLEAN and the train and bus traffic is RIGHT ON TIME!!! For girls the happiest thing might also be that you don't need to feel unsafe walking alone at night! There are so called police boxes just about everywhere so IF something would happen you could just take shelter in one of those. But I never heard any of my friends needing to do so, nor myself for that matter!

5 places you don't wanna miss visiting Tokyo!

1Sushi of Gari
Slightly different sushi bar run by Japanese but with it's main store in New York!?!
You'll never get more original sushi served anywhere! Yummy too!

2Virgin Cinemas Premiere Screen
The theatre at Roppongi Hills!Enjoy your movie in business class reclining seats!
The ticket is almost double the standard price but it comes with one free drink
from the bar, which you can take with you into the theatre, where you have
a lit up table to rest it on! Nice!

Where all the great DJ's play! Japanese, as well as world wide stars!
A four stories high club with tons of events each month!
The interior changes every now and then too! Luv the lounge/bar at 1F!

The Ninja Restaurant
A cave-like restaurant run by ninjas deep down in Akasaka. Yep there are
places like that! *hehe* EXCELLENT FOOD! Don't forget to book your table
BEFORE you go to Tokyo!! It's very popular! Of Course! :)

5Tokyo Disney Land & Tokyo Disney Sea
Needs no further introduction! Just go! ;) I wasn't much of a Disney Fan but
this is AWESOME! You turn inte a 6 year old in three red seconds!!!! I cried at the gates before entering just by hearing some nostalgic tune! hehe! And that's BIG!
What is your favorite place in Tokyo?
It depends on my mood of course...
If I'm stressed and just need to run escape reality the best place ever is Tokyo Disney Land or Sea!! WOW!!!! What is this place anyways?! Just like being in a very bizarr and rainbow coloured dream! For stress this is much better than yoga or any other kind of relaxing exersize!! But seriously. just going a bit outside the center core and see some greens could really save your day! Placese like Hakone and the all the hot springs they have out there are super!!

What do you do if you're bored?

In Tokyo it's hard to get bored but if so, it's easy to do just about anything. Karaoke boxes are open 24/7, even "IZAKAYA" (Japanese style grill combined bar) also tends to be open around the clock. There's always somewhere to go! ^0^v

useful links
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TOKYO GUIDE A real good guide around clubs & shopping! Area by area!

more coming as I

find it! ;)
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