chapter 05  

brand: Paul`s boutique
bought: at TOP SHOP, Oxford street, London
material: pink fake leather
size: 48cmx19cmx25cm

I got a 10% OFF discount because I complained about some small (nearly invisible to the eye) stains. Would have bought it anyways... well well... ;)

Good point
Handmade = one of a kind! A good reason to buy it!
I know this is going to be one of my all time faves

I already luv it to pieces!

some of the stuff in my bag (August 2006)

Lounge Fly Wallet
A pale grey kissing*clasp wallet with a glittery blue anchor on it.
Bought at lazy oaf near Carnaby Street, London.

Christopher Vine Idea book
Bought in Tokyo at Sony Plaza. Ideal size! Fits in any bag! + it's kewt!

Kitty iPod
My dear Hello Kitty iPod protects me! ^0^ This is the best way of
keeping strangers from talking to you in the streets! ;)

Agenda by Disney
Nice vintage prints from the years 1928-67! I luv Alice in Wonderland and she's
all over it! One page per! Great for memo and doodling! I also have a red
suede cover for it with the initial "B" for Bea on it. Thank You Jinn*darling!!

Oyster Card
The cheapest and most convinient way of travelling inside London. A must!

Eye drops (made in Japan)
With vitamine B12 for my tired eyes. Too much time in front of the computer
made me buy these. Non menthol type! Nice to your eyes!

Make-up pouch
Too much stuff in it to list up here but it holds a lot of sweet make-up!
Enough to add a what's in my make-up pouch page toO! ;)
What is your ideal bag?
Could be second hand or new, I dun care.
The bag should looks small, but is in fact able to carry a lot of cute stuff. If it doesn't have cute accessories attach to it yet I will see to it myself. If I go clubbing I might wanna bring a smaller version tight to my body.

What made you buy this P's B bag?

It was love at first sight!! It's just perfect!
Nostalgic bits and pieces such as the My Little Pony patch! There's also a heart-mark dice + lucky no 7 biljard ball keychain attached to it! And the strawberry patches are super*kewt too!

How long do you think you'll use this bag?
Until it falls apart!! I luv it sooo much!

some random stuff in my bag

I can't go anywhere without these 2!
Docomo F700i! my Japanese cell*phone!
I'm planning to change to Vodafone's New Aquos TV phone when I get back to Tokyo, but I keep this with me in London because of the great hi-resoluted piccies and movies I can shoot with it! I actually shoot all my blog*pics with this one too! Convinient!

Sweet kiss on gloss!

by Maybelline! Yes, I'm addicted to gloss and such! The more glitter the better! This one last longer than most gloss, trust me I try them all! ;)
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