chapter 14  

M u s i c (family & friends)
Jinn Yagi My darling husband's official webpage!
YMCK Probably the cutest band around! LOVE YOU!
Captain Murphy Flawless! or "Bacchiri!" as we say over here!

K e w l
Am*sis My soul*sis in the states! Go play! =9
Blythe Get cute with Blythe, the doll!
80's games This site is pure nostalgia! Pacman, space invaders etc!!
MedicomToy Super-kewl Toy & Figure company! (J)
Habbo Hotel

Hilarious online game! Create your own online hotel room!

PostPet Still Kewl! =9 Let your digital-pet deliver your e-mail! (J)
Wreck Multi-talented Peder's web! yay!

U s e f u l
Glidecom Domain registrations and web hotel! Highly recommendable!!
Paypal Send and receive $ without having to show your card number!
PS Tutorials Learn Photoshop with this tutorial page! =D
Illu Tutorials Nice tutorials for Illustrator! Also has tons of FREE fonts!
DaFONT Heaps of FREE fonts! You can spend many hours here. ^^;

Guest Artists 2006
Yuri Yoshinaga
Andy Smith
Claudio Marzano
Shinya Okuda coming soon!
Julia Kuhl
Tom Hanni
Ong Sze Sze
Mike Laughead
Nils Blishen
Marielle Byworth

Guest Artists 2005
Jon Burgerman
Sue Kim
Ryutaro Odagiri
Maxine Lee

Koutaku Yoshinaga
Juliana Pedemonte
Andrew N Cross
Jinn Yagi
Miles Donovan or
Naomi Hennig
Ben Frost

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