chapter 09  

Name: Akira Yoshida aka AKIRAMBOW
Age & Nationality: 25, Japanese
Occupation: Illustrator, designer, Track Maker
Hobbies: illustration, TV GAMES, Walking
Likes: Movies, Music, Hiphop, Comedy
Dislikes: Packed Trains
Eats: Rice, Natto, Miso Soup, Ramen, Takoyaki, Ice Cream
Drinks: Water, Vanilla Shake, Green Tea


Carreer span:
"I started my carreer as a graphic designer at the age of 20. With a lot of work and efftort, 3 years later I started getting alot of work as an illustrator and designer here in Tokyo."

Current projects:

"I want to design characters so that's what I'm focusing on at the moment. However, I want to draw various styles of illustrations now. I'm interested in various genres so my target is to complete a whole illustration collection over the coming few years."

My tools:
Mechanical pencil
Fountain pen
wacom tablet




Kumako by Akirambow!
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