chapter 04  

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Live Guest apperance

Thank you to Stina for the snapshots!

Ok, I`ve been on TV before but NEVER alone in the sofa as the main guest of a LIVE talkshow! @o@;; I got picked up at 6am by car and half asleep I made it into the make-up. Suddenly a woman came in and said "We need Bea in the studio live in 2 minutes!" So I was rushed up to the roof-veranda set. Mom and dad taped the show but I still haven`t seen it! I heard that I did good, but it`s just too weird to see oneself on TV! I had a lot of fun though! I drew charicatures of the hosts of the show, got dressed up in kimono and we talked about Tokyo, my illustrated work and the thoughts behind it.

  during Tokyo Style in Stockholm 2004       (click to enlarge)
coming soon! Gul & Vit Interview, Autumn 06

Kumako iShot got 10 full
pages in Hot Rod! Spring 06


- DVD interview! Spring 2006

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