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Name: Ryutaro Odagiri
Age & Nationality: 27, Japanese
Occupation: Illustrator
Hobbies: Illustrating
Likes: Antique shops, travelling
Dislikes: Nothing in particular
Eats: Soba
Drinks: Sake

Webpage: Oshare Salon
Carreer  span:
Sanwa Bank - broschure
NEC Biglobe - character design 2000-2003
Star Channel - movie column & Illustration work
TBS - web cover illustrations & advertisment
Alan Mikli & Wolkswagen - event illustrations
Alan Mikli - Mikli Japan, T-shirt designs
Kanda Shrine- "Dashi" (float), character design and wallpaper for mobiles
Yoshimoto kogyo- character design

   non-no, Caz, an an, FYTTE, etc.



Adobe Photoshop
Stream line

Background story:

"I guess you could say that I became an illustrator before I even knew it myself. I love illustrating and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I always liked connecting with different kinds of people and today I have the chance to do so through my work. "

Future dream:

"I want to become more international with my work. No matter what country, I hope to be able to spread some kind of cute happiness with my characters."

Favorite artist:

"Nakahara Junichi" (link

Message to young artists:

"Remember that everyone have at least 1 thing to be proud of about themselves. You just have to search for it inside your mind and you'll surely find it. Something cute and pure. The expression "cute" I'm using, stands for the things that will keep your spirit alive. ...and if you can find something like that in my characters, I would be more than happy."
Ryutaro Odagiri, March 2005
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