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Name: Shinya Okuda
Age & Nationality: 30, Japan
Occupation: Art Director / Director / Illustrator / Designer
Hobbies: Snowboard, trips, indoor football, Game, Enjoying movies & music, Raves
Dislikes: condiments

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Shinya Okuda made his debut in the design industry at the age of 22, straight after his Art University graduation. He started his career in an advertising production company, and after four years, he became independent active art director / illustrator for TV CM/CF, PV, Advertising and WEB sites.

He was chosen as the top 30 Designers in the world by the TOSHIBA DYNABOOK DESIGN & Planning.

My tools:
Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5
PowerBook G3

Macromedia Flash MX
Adobe Illustrator CS
Adobe Photoshop CS
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro

Kumako drawn by Shinya Okuda!
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