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Name: Ben Frost
Age & Nationality: 30, Australian
Occupation: painter / illustrator
Hobbies: collecting images
supermarkets, end of the world
Dislikes: hairy people and bees
Eats: ice cream
Drinks: bright colours


Carreer  span:
Have been painting for about 7 years,
living in Melbourne, Brisbane, Tokyo and now Sydney.
I started doing a lot of magazine illustration while in Japan about 2 years ago but now mostly paint and do the occasional design when the project is right.






Background story:

"In 2000 I faked my own death and got into trouble. I was in 'Primavera' at the Sydney MCA in 2003, 'Colossus' at the Brisbane IMA in 2000 and both times the police tried to shut down the exhibitions. I also played a cyberpunk in a Warner Brothers movie and had my brain sucked onto the internet. Last year I did some performance art in San Francisco recreating the Ronald Reagan Assassination and then he died about a month later - but I think it was just a coincidence."

Future dream:
"I'd love to publish a book."

Favorite artist:

"If I had a favourite-artist race I think Robert Williams would be the winner."

Message to young artists:

"Forget the 20th century."
Ben Frost , November 2005
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