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Name: Jon Burgerman
Age & Nationality: 25, British
Occupation: Doodler
Hobbies: Biscuit dunking, crisp munching, sleep snoozing and staring out of windows
drawing, animals, vegetables, noodles, energy saving light bulbs, going to the cinema
Dislikes: plastic bags, pollution, waste, really long queues
Eats: almost everything, often without swallowing first
Drinks: water, orange juice, squash, leffe, amaretto sours

Carreer  span:
Burgerman's work has been widely published and exhibited, receiving a D&AD Silver award nomination for his work for Levis in 2003.

Publications include The Guardian, Graphic, Pictoplasma, Stick 'em Up, Computer Arts and This Is A Magazine. Recent exhibitions include a solo installation in 55DSL's flagship London store, drawings in 'Two Steps Back' touring exhibition and video animations played at the V 2004 festivals.

Burgerman is also part of the UK illustration collective Black Convoy who are exhibiting world-wide throughout 2005. Burgerman's first book, Hello Duudle (, has just been published and his artwork is appearing on Virgin Atlantic sick-bags around the world.

My tools:
Pen (biro edition)
Pen (felt edition)
Sketchbook 1.2
Cardboard tablet


Background story:

"I started doodling when young and haven't stopped since.
I do it because I love doing it and there's little else I can do."

Current projects:
"They are all top secret!" =)

Future dream:
"The football team I support winning the league
and to continue drawing and being involved in cool projects."

Favorite artist:

"Dom Del Torto (but only because he's quite tall)"

Message to young artists:

"Keep doodlin' all day and all night
and things will turn out alright!"
Jon Burgerman, January 2005
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