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Name: Andy Smith
Age & Nationality: 32, British
Occupation: Illustrator / designer
Hobbies: eating, sleeping
getting a half hour break in the evening
Dislikes: not getting a half hour break in the evening
Eats: sausage and mash, chocolate
Drinks: tea and hot chocolate


Carreer  span:
"Graduated from Brighton University in the UK, followed by an MA at the Royal College of Art.

Since then have worked as an illustrator/designer for clients such as Nike, Expedia, Orange, Vodaphone, Penguin Books, Revlon, London Transport, Mercedes, The Guardian and Random House, winning D&AD, AOI and Creative Circle awards.

As well as doing commercial work I also produce self published silkscreen printed books and posters."

My tools:
and lots of complicated screenprinting gadgets


Background story:

"A Norfolk boy comes to London, draws a lot and gets paid for it!"

Future dream:
"Living in a castle"

Favorite artist:

"Paul Rand, Chip Kidd, Art Chantry, Mike Mills"


"Never trust an agent!"
Andy Smith, January 2006
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