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Name: Derek Santiago
Age & Nationality: 100 years old. Puerto Rican
Occupation: art geek & pixel smasher
Hobbies: Mix and mash music, flossing my cat's teeth
Likes: Curves to die for, Laughing, Itano Circus, street art that belongs in museums.
Dislikes: Shitty museum art that belongs on the street.
Eats: Sushi, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Drinks: low fat water.


Carreer  span:
"Finger painting since 5.
Pixel smashing since 1994, for Hasbro, DC, Marvel, Mattel, Coor's "

Current projects: "Finished a big ad campaign for Coor's Brewing Company that will hit several cities throughout the United States with heavy concentration on New York."

My tools:
Mac book Pro
Wacom tablet
frustration with bad art.


Kumako illustration by Santiago!
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