chapter 09  

Name: Davide De Rose Veltri aka OniBaka
Age & Nationality: 27, Italian
Occupation: graphic, painting, sculpting-artist
Hobbies: reading, comics and manga, videogames, entomology, Japanese culture
Likes: Japanese food, action figures, beer, tattooes, piercings, spiders
Dislikes: discos, people judging a book by its cover
Eats: sushi!!, okonomiyaki!!! Takoyaki!!!! E tanti piatti italiani
Drinks: beer, water, coke, and whiskey


Carreer span:
After graduating Art School, I ended up trying random jobs, like store-keeper, then worked in an airport, and tattooer. After a not so organized road trip in Japan, where I visited places like Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo, I came back home and decided to keep on following my passion even if it didn't guarantee any income. Nowadays, thanks to Myspace I have started showing and selling my paintings. I wish a day I will live only on selling my arts and crafts, and be able to create art toys and move to Japan :D

Current projects:

Various canvas, moreover I am thinking to recreate some old characters, I designed following my "dark side", and use them for canvas and toys projects. I also have some garage kit sculpting projects based on original models.

My tools:
kuro sumi tattoo ink
wacom tablet



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