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Name: Andreas Paleologos
Age, Nationality: 28, Swedish
Occupation: Animator, illustrator, game designer Running my own one man company, Studio Palegolas.
Hobbies: Music creation, travelling, photographing, languages, cooking.
Likes: Honest people, finishing projects, following my free will.
Dislikes: Disobeying my free will either out of laziness or restrictions.
Eats: Veggie and fishy food. Indian, asian, greek.
Drinks: Fruit juice, Ginger ale, non black tea.

Carreer  span:
Illustrator at some multimedia companies during the late 90'es.
Web- and paper Illustrator for some magazines and newspapers.
2D artist and animator at game studio UDS, later to be game designer. (First game project as lead artist "Bygg Flygplan med Mulle Meck".
Studied 2 years of art/animation at Konstfack (University of Arts Craft and Design).
2D freelance artist for a bunch of web games for Cartoon Network.
Officially started Studio Palegolas 2003.
Flash game for the Swedish Radio.
Game projects for Nokia.

My tools:
A mac
A scanner
A wacom tablet
Water colors, brushes and paper, some basic sound equipment, some instruments.

Adobe Photoshop (image retouching, color adjustments and layout composing)
Adobe After Effects (background animation)
Toon Boom Studio (2d animation, character animation etc.)
Final Cut Pro (video editing)

Background story:

"Animation for me is right now the ultimate form of expression. Since I'm interested in composing music, telling stories of emotion, painting, drawing, creating motion, movement to rhythm, colors, etc...
Animation is my natural choice of art form. All this can be touched upon through animation.

I also have a dream deep within to make animated long feature films. My greatest idol in this genre is Miyazaki Hayao. My poor hero is getting old, and I want to follow in his tradition of telling great stories full of heart, soul and with a strong message of peace and understanding."

Future dream:

"Running an animation studio creating quality long feature films."

Favorite artist:

"Kings of Convenience."

Message to young artists:

"If you think you have something to give. Then give it!
If you think you can do something. Then do it!
The path to your dream is long with many turns, and it's interesting. Don't wait until the ultimate opportunity shows up. Because it never will show up. Opportunities will show up after years of hard work. Until then, you have to work hard on creating your own opportunities. "
Andreas Paleologos, December 2004

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