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Name: Yuri Yoshinaga
Age & Nationality: 21, Japanese
Occupation: painter / illustrator
Hobbies: shopping
"Rirakkuma" (Japanese character)
Dislikes: nothing in particular
Eats: chicken with ponzu
Drinks: the vegetable drink my mom makes every morning!


Carreer  span:
2002 Graduated from an attached high school of Kyushu industry University (Design department)

2003 Currently attending the Kyushu industry University (Art department)
Official Home page open:

2003 - Working as an illustrator with the base in west Japan

2005 Exhibition "Lily"
Fukuoka (Daimyo, Kashii)
Tokyo (Omotesando)

My tools:


Background story:
"Yuri's career as a painter started after travelling all over the world with her father, especially through South America, Brazil, Peru and Chile. Mainly under the influence of Latin Culture. She have since then held a number of exhibitions and have gained a huge popularity among young people. Today you can see her work in magazines, adveritisements, flyers and postcards. She is also known for doing "live-painting" shows.
Yuri Yoshinaga, together with her two brothers Koutaku and Takuya are three names to look out for!"

Future dream:
"To become a stronger person, and to continue drawing."

Favorite artist:

"Koutaku & Takuya Yoshinaga."


"Congratulations Kumako!!
Thank you for a happy*fun collaboration. Always keep your dreams alive!"
Yuri Yoshinaga , December 2005

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