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Name: Juliana Pedemonte
Age & Nationality: 25, Argentinean
Occupation: Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Animator
Hobbies: movies, knitting, baking, writing letters
Likes: to travel, to wander around the city, to swim
Dislikes: spam
Chocolate, apple pie, sweet potatoes, crepes
Drinks: Red wine


Carreer  span:
Designer at ad agency, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Freelance Illustration and graphic design, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Illustration for children’s books, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Motion graphics for MTV Latin America, VH1 Latin America, Nickelodeon Latin America, Miami, USA

Digital photography
Pencil sketches
Photographed textures

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
After Effects


Kumako drawn by Juliana Pedemonte!
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