chapter 09  

Name:Katelan V. Foisy
Age & Nationality: American, Austrian, Russian, Polish, French & Czech
Occupation: Gypsy
Hobbies:The Hookah, Erotica Writing, Photography
Likes: Boys & Cupcakes
Dislikes: Vegemite
Thai and Indian
Drinks: Champagne, red wine, beer, herbal tea and cafe con leche

Carreer  span:
As a teenager, my cousin and I took roadtrips with nodestinations. We'd end up at truck stops, coffee shops, graveyards and prisons. I learned the art of collage through these trips. I called them visual journals.
Now in NY I make a living pasting paper together forsuch clients as The Grammy Awards, The Progressive,Ode Magazine and Seattle Weekly as well as being one of the graphic designers for Constellation Magazine. I have also exhibited at The Worcester Art Museum, The Mae West Fest, Kelleher Art Gallery, UK. as well as an exhibit for Martin Delany at the Ohio History Museum. I still live the gypsy life, reading tarot, pinup modeling, writing interviews and articles for Constellation Mag and creating Day of The Dead boxes.


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Kumako drawn by Katelan V. Foisy!
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