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Name: Sue Kim
Age & Nationality: 25, Korean
Occupation: Illustrator, Graphic designer
Hobbies: doodling, watching movies, strolling
around in the city.
Likes: illustration, magazines, weird stuff, sweets, movies
Dislikes: lies?
Eats: Asian (Korean, Japanese, Thai, ETC.) Italian
Drinks: smoothies, Oranginia

Carreer  span:
Freelance graphic designer at Flashlight Media where I designed contents for the site of NYLON magazine.

Freelance designing for several fashion lines, such as Kristen Lee, Dave Denis, and Old Navy. (duties include designing web sites, look books, and T-shirts graphics.)

Designing fashion Flash ads for Page online (webzine)

Illustration works for various magazines. (contributing also)

Regular Illustrator for Vogue Girl Korea.

Mac G4
pen, paper, acrylics.

Adobe Photoshop

Background story:

"I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I studied graphic design at F.I.T. in NYC. I’ve been living in NY since then. I started freelance designing for the site of NYLON Magazine when I was a Junior at school. (actually I started as an intern at a web design studio, and later I got to freelance work.) Since then I’ve got chances to freelance work for mainly fashion related works, which I think is coincident because FIT is famous for fashion. But I don’t have particular preference for any certain types of works. I would like to work on different stuff, so that I can learn more about things that I hadn't known much about.
I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and when I was in college, I started my site "" to show some of my drawing as a hobby, but it grew in to more than just a hobby. I like to draw things that we all experience In real life, and I hope people can relate to the subject matters."

Future dream:

"It’s pretty hard to do both illustration and design for a starting designer like me. I hope I can keep doing both in the future. I would be very interested in being an art director of a magazine someday, too. I think that's what I am most interested in design wise... magazines!"

Favorite artist:

"Julie Verhoeven, I love her line drawings."

Message to young artists:

"I still consider myself as a young artist, too. I think it’s very important to know what your ultimate goal is specifically, then it will be easier to focus on what you’re doing. Seeing and experiencing many different things would help a lot to become a good artist. so... travel and see as much as you can!!"
Sue Kim, February 2005

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