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Name: Claudio Marzano
Age & Nationality: 23, Canadian/Italian
Occupation: Gallery/Museum work, Illustrator
Hobbies: feasting on all-sorts of culture
sleeping, laughing, collecting records
Dislikes: impolite people
Eats: Things that taste nice and make me grow up strong. Things that fit on my George Foreman grill.
Drinks: Water, tea and coffee mostly. The odd fruit juice or liquor in a mug sometimes.


Carreer  span:
2004 Art History BA, McGill University, Montreal (CAN)

2006 Art Gallery & Museum Studies MA, University of Manchester (UK)

Ongoing freelance illustration through the Nice Like That. creative agency.

Ongoing gallery/museum work in Montreal and Manchester.

My tools:
mechanical pencil
ballpoint pens
colour pencils
digital camera


Background story:

"Boy from southern-Italian family, grows up in the French-Canadian city of Montreal, draws a lot, listens to music a whole lot, reads comics and later books with less pictures in them, goes off to do graduate studies in England...trying not to bust anybody's chops, just doing his thing, hoping for the best."

Future dream:
"To provide."

Favorite artist:

"Mode 2, Egon Schiele, Edward Gorey, Barry McGee, Norman Rockwell, Joe Sorren, Chris Ware..."


"Take your time but hurry up."
Claudio Marzano, February 2006
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